When It’s Time to Call a Realtor

If you’ve always dreamed of buying a home, you may not know where to begin. It seems like a far-off dream, and there’s always priorities to put first, ducks to get in a row, plans to make and research to do. But when it comes to the process of home-buying (or selling), getting in touch with a realtor is best done sooner rather than later. 

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You may know of people who have bought homes via private sales or sold their property without use of a realtor. It is definitely possible to do so, and some people do prefer to cut out the “middle man”. However, if you’re new to the process of home purchase, having a realtor offers you a level of protection that you desperately need. Buying a home is a big deal, and you don’t want to be out of your element and end up getting taken advantage of, overpaying on a home, or left with a property that hasn’t been carefully vetted. 

Below are three times in which you should definitely call your realtor. 

A Realtor Will Help When Buying Houses

Many people wait to call a realtor until they’re ready to buy or find a place they love. Doing that though is a bad idea. It’s actually better to go ahead and call a realtor a few months before being ready to buy a home. This is smarter because you’re still getting your funds together and getting things ready.

Furthermore, speaking with a realtor in advance helps both you and the realtor. Telling them about your expectations, budget, and needs will give them opportunities to find other places. Places that you haven’t even considered.

Who knows, they may be able to find a better suited home for you. Furthermore, they can give you advice and guidance other areas such as:

  • the best mortgage companies to contact,
  • tour several properties,
  • and keep you posted on everything that goes on the market.

In the end, your realtor can become an invaluable friend and resource when looking for a home. So don’t wait: contact them ASAP. 

You’re Thinking About Selling

The reverse is true, too. If you’re considering selling your home, but haven’t quite decided yet, you can still go ahead and contact a realtor. Having a consultation with a real estate agent about your options, what you’re looking to get out of a sale, and the current market trends can give you some idea of what type of price you can sell your home for and whether or not it’s a smart move at this point in time. A realtor can give you expert advice, comparisons on the market and more, so when you are ready to sell your home, you’ll be armed with up to date knowledge. 

You’re Thinking About Renting

People don’t always think about contacting a realtor just for rental properties, but they can definitely help you in this area! Realtors do come across rental properties in their line of work, and often have access to detailed rental property lists in your area. If you’re looking for a great place to rent on budget, they can go over your specifications and needs and help you find the perfect rental. Contact your realtor today to talk about your options. 

No matter whether you’re buying, selling or renting, contact your local real estate agent today!


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