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Whether you are a writer or a business, I am always open to sharing new ideas with my readers. As such, I highly encourage you to share your story.

If the idea of a guest post interests you, feel free to email me personally at ericscottburdon@gmail.com with the subject line “Guest Post Writing Idea”. You may attach a copy of the following form if you have a concrete idea or have written an article already or pitch me an idea via my email.

Note the following guidelines and ensure you follow them precisely. Not following them may result in me asking you to edit or change your article, or refuse posting it.

  • 100% original content is ideal (though I don’t mind copied articles so long as you mention that the submitted post isn’t an original copy and you own the original post.)
  • 1,400 words minimum
  • Proofread and grammatically correct, formatted with headlines, subheads, emphasized text and lists (easier to read)
  • Written in a conversational tone, we’re all friends here
  • Provide actionable steps, be helpful (not “salesy”) and inspiring. Make sure someone reading what you have to say walks away with something.
  • Be aware that your post may be lightly edited and the title could change.
  • Affiliate links or links to products or services you sell are not permitted in the article. That is why you have a byline, to include those links in that section.
  • If published, you are expected to be active in the comments
  • Any submissions that do not meet the requirements or are offensive may be requested to be edited or rejected.

Additional Guidelines

Additionally, I ask that when submitting articles that you include these in the article or when you’re submitting:

  • A byline with your submission. This is a short 2-3 sentence biography explaining who you are and what you do. This is also the section where you can include links to your site, affiliate links, or specific products or services you wish to promote. I have a section dedicated in the form as well.
  • At least one royalty-free picture. Two is better, and three would be good too if your post is in the 2,000+ word range. You can look to sites like Pixabay, Unsplash, or Pexels for great photos. Send the images to me via email, or you can include the links to the particular images too.
  • At least one link in the post pointing to a post on this site. Not only is this good SEO, but it also shows me that you’ve at least looked through my site. For me, I see this as good writer etiquette.
  • At least two links to external sources linked in the article. These links shouldn’t be to sites you are affiliated with. A good writer always does some form of research.
  • Social media handles. I have a section devoted to it in the form, however, you can mention them in the email along with your byline should you choose to do that.
  • Include at least 2 tags. Tags help your article get found easier. This will become especially important as the site grows. Include at least two of the following tags relevant to your article: self-improvement, health-and-wellness, business, mindset, weight-loss, self-esteem, self-confidence, or life-lessons.
  • Include one keyword. This keyword should appear in the title, some of the headings, and throughout the article in an organic way.
  • Read the following article. I put together an article outlining some of the reasons I have these rules and guidelines. This can also help you be a better writer and submitter to my site and to others.