About Me

Hi, I Am Eric Scott Burdon

I’m a writer on self-improvement, entrepreneurship, and mindset. I started my personal journey to better myself in 2009 and since then I’ve been through a lot. It’s given me an understanding that being stuck on something, no matter what it is, is part of the process.
And sometimes all that you need is someone to state the obvious or come up with some creative ideas. Becoming that source of information is my overall goal in life. I want to be helping people overcome obstacles, to grow, to learn, and to thrive.
So let’s grow together!

What's in my blogs?

This is a wellness and self-improvement blog. However, once you delve further, you will see that it’s really a blog focused on living a positive life. You’ll love the accessible approach to living a healthy life and discovering ways to get unstuck from the various things life throws at us.

If you only have the time or emotional energy for a bit of motivation, you can scroll through my blog for an inspirational quote or piece of advice. If you want more, you can dive into a detailed blog post about mindset, confidence, happiness, well-being, or career success.’

Try a random article if you don’t know where to start.