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9 Simple Items To Improve Your Work Space

With the coronavirus running rampant, many businesses and people are forced to make some drastic life changes. Some people are out of a job while some have to work from home. Worse, some people are in bed sick with the coronavirus itself. And while these are difficult times for all of us, I know that…
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4 Strong Quora Resources To Boost Your Brand

If you’re ever looking to boost your brand, I have one resource that does the trick: Quora. Quora is a platform that I stumbled upon several years ago but never really used. It was only until recent years when I used the platform on the regular did I start to see how powerful it can…
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13 Hobbies You Can Turn Into A Business

Hobbies are the things that we love and yet never consider turning to businesses. For many, we see them as a means to relax while we worry about covering more bills, providing for ourselves, or our family. While I agree some hobbies are meant to stay recreational, I believe many of our hobbies can and…
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10 Tips For Entrepreneurs Who Get Sick

Last Thursday was the first time I ever took a “sick day” as an entrepreneur. It sounds weird to say that. After all, for an entrepreneur, when you get sick, you’re supposed to pull through it. Learn to work with your illness and keep hustling. But I couldn’t. I was sick. Real sick. I’m not…
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8 Elements Of Success To Bring You Happiness

One thing I’ve learned about success is that there are many elements of success. What this means to me is that success and what makes us successful is purely subjective. Some value having a lot of money, while others believe success stems from strategic use of money and middle-class earnings. Others forgo money entirely and…
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How To Get Things Done On Your To-Do List

To write a to-do list is a simple thing, but it’s another to get things done on it. Over the years, many people have created to-do lists only for them to do absolutely nothing at all. Because of this, I’ve heard from many people that to-do lists are a waste of time. That they are…
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4 Ways To Generate Great Value On Social Media

This past month I’ve been delving into social media a lot. While most of my activities have been focused exclusively on LinkedIn, I want to be making an effort in being more active on social media. For those of you who don’t know, I haven’t been really active on social media. Outside of sending out…
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15 Ways To Overcome Procrastination

Overcome procrastination. It’s a simple concept on paper. But like everything in life, it’s not as easy as you think. Being someone who has issues with procrastination both now and in the past, I know this full well. I’ve tried different techniques and strategies over the years. Some worked for a while, others I struggled…
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8 Essentials To Being An Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is one of the most difficult endeavours out there to pursue. However it is likely the most life-changing and growing experience that anyone can go through as well. Looking at some of the differences between small business owners and being an entrepreneur can shed a little light into the growth. But that…
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