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5 Smart, But Simple Ways Guys Can Boost Their Confidence in 2020

While we are still in the month of January, the mood to improve things is still prominent. But while some of us focus on health or wealth, we tend to forget improving the smaller aspects. For example, some people struggle to boost their confidence. It’s to the point it’s quite the problem. Especially in guys.…
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How To Stop Overthinking

Have you ever had that habit that you feel guilty about but continue to do all the time? It’s the one that you try to swear off of time and time again but don’t. It’s one that makes you feel guilty, almost like a dirty little secret. For me, that habit was overthinking. To this…
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10 Tips To Better Manage Anger

Being able to manage anger is a skill that people are either good at or terrible at. How we vent is entirely up to us, but I know there are people who do all kinds of things to manage anger. Others manage anger constructively using the methods I mention below. That or they complain to…
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11 Practical Tips To Improve Assertiveness

“You need to improve assertiveness.” “You need to be more assertive.” I remember one time an acquaintance of mine said those things to me when I was younger. While this acquaintance didn’t shape my life or anything, I still consider him as someone I can confide in. I merely haven’t for most of my life.…
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11 Words To Describe Yourself

How do you describe yourself? I’m not just talking about listing off 5 traits about you. I’m referring to what you put on your social media profile. About what you tell other people but don’t really believe in. What you know you wouldn’t say at all in any other circumstance. You see, a lot of…
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How To Talk Positively To Yourself

“You need to talk positively to yourself.” This advice was one of the many suggestions that my mindset coach gave me in the first meeting we had. He didn’t tell me that directly but definitely suggested it through affirmations. Not to mention emphasizing the skills I’m good at. That I know I’m good at. It’s…
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Know Your Own True Value To Make Money

So many of us third-guess ourselves. It’s good to question your actions and just once more after that to be extra sure, but so many of us keep questioning our abilities beyond this. Doubts set in and we start to think that other people around us are more talented, better at doing things that employers…
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3 Ways To Help You Through Terrible Times

Life can throw you curveballs at times. One minute you are up, then next you are down. But getting back up again can be hard. Your motivation can be easily ground down by circumstance, and when things go wrong, they can leave you feeling unmotivated and depressed.  But life goes wrong for everyone at times,…
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How To Stay Positive All Day

Positivity for me hasn’t been much of a struggle for me for most of my life. I won’t deny that I’ve used positivity to hide my mild depression, but generally speaking, I’ve been positive all day it seems. It’s to the point that being positive is my general mood during any given day. This doesn’t…
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Here Is What Happens When You Start Walking

One of the best tips I can give to better health is this: start walking. It’s as simple as that. Take the opportunity to walk whenever you get the chance. Walk to work. Walk to your favourite restaurant. Take advantage of this form of exercise when it’s most convenient for you. Not only is this…
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