How To Set Goals and Make them Happen – Ebook

Out of the many topics that are out there, one of my long-time favorites has been on goals. I loved the idea of resolutions, but like so many others out there, I’ve set them, talked about them, and then sat on them until the next year rolled around.

It was a vicious cycle for years and it wasn’t until I started running my writing business when I started to take goals somewhat seriously. I even made some YouTube videos about them in the past. It wasn’t until after I did those videos – in which I hardly ever completed the goals I set out to do – did I realize that I was setting goals all wrong. I thought for the longest time that there has got to be another way. Some way that was much better. And so, I began working away, uncovering new methods for motivation and started to understand what makes people click on about goals.

I wouldn’t say I’m at a point where I can predict precisely whether people are going to fail or succeed with their goals in the end, but I know the contributing factors that can lead to someone’s success or failure of their goals.

My plan for this eBook is to provide you with some of the issues that people face off when setting goals for the first or the hundredth time. On top of that, I’m offering you a glimpse into my own goal-setting system. I’ll be sharing with you the ins and outs, why it works, and how you can set it all up for yourself within hours.

With this ebook, my goal is to ensure that you feel confident in setting your own goals and have much higher odds of succeeding at them.

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