How To Return To Your Normalcy

Ever since the pandemic, your normalcy has shifted. Restrictions, new rules, amongst many other things have shifted how we react to the world today. How people reacted to these shifts has also shifted our way of thinking too.

The world won’t ever be the same again.

And that’s disheartening for some people. After all, during this entire pandemic, there have been several examples of people wanting things to return to normal.

While I can’t say those individuals will get to experience it, those who have adapted to this change certainly can. I know this because of what I’ve been experiencing recently.

Last Wednesday I received my second vaccine shot. While I’m still taking it easy for the time being, I feel like a sense of normalcy has arrived. I’m still going to be wearing a mask for a while. But it also feels like a chapter in my life has come to an end and that a new one is starting up.

I’m not the only one feeling this same way. As such, I wanted to share with you my plan moving forward. And through that plan, I think that it can help you to return to your normalcy.

Photo by Jayana Rashintha on Unsplash

First Is Accepting Your Normalcy

When people think of normalcy at this point, it could be about the life they had before the pandemic. It’s one of the many reasons people don’t wear masks or are against vaccines.

That isn’t the normalcy I’m referring to. Rather, it’s the one that has been formed and presented to us as a result of this global pandemic.

Now that most of us are equipped to face the pandemic more safely, there is still some semblance of our previous life. We’re now able to get outside of the homes we’ve been in for a year and a half. The idea of dining out, going to see a movie, visit family and friends is now more likely.

But other parts of our lives have shifted and aren’t what they once were. Maybe it’s a shift in work or hobbies and habits. It could also be some social aspects as well like who you spend time with too.

Whatever the case may be, it’s important for us to embrace this new normalcy that is a byproduct of the pandemic.

It’s about taking what you’ve learned during the pandemic and applying it.

Taking more time to discover yourself and where you wish to go in life from this point.

And having an open mind about whatever else life presents to you at this point.

Second Is Having Goals

Goals are an important cornerstone of our lives. If you lack goals, you lack a direction to go in.

But with the pandemic happening, people might have lost their goals or lost important details. I know for myself the past year and a half was kind of a daze. It was only recently when I brought up goals with an acquaintance that I realized I have a general grasp of what they are.

And overall I feel like I’ve trailed off a little bit. Like I’ve been coasting and being pulled in whatever direction.

Regardless of your own situation right now with your goals, it’s important for you now to be looking back at your goals.

From there, you’ll want to be making revisions to them or refining them or creating new ones

Third Is Taking Action & Reminding

The last thing your normalcy will need is to be taking action on those goals. But there is also a case to be said about reminding ourselves of what we’ve all gone through.

We’ve all gone through a pandemic that has impacted us in many different ways. Maybe you were fortunate like me where the pandemic didn’t have as great of an impact. In other cases, you may have lost a friend or family member.

This pandemic has changed us and it’s important to not let lessons from this experience slip away.

This is important because people tend to revert back to their old ways once something dramatic like this happens. We mainly see relapses in smaller things like habits but those same principles apply to larger life aspects too.

It’s harder for us to really do anything about it in terms of preventing future pandemics. However, it’s worth looking at our own attitude now and seeing what we can do better next time. From ourselves to our own inner circle, there could have been things we could’ve done better.

From there, it’s a matter of pressing forward.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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