How To Create Your Own Industry Magazine

No matter what industry you are in, there is value in an industry magazine or publications that are dedicated to that topic. They can be filled with interviews, tips, contacts, and more. As well as expert articles. It doesn’t need to be a big run – or even make its way into stores. 

It can be something that you produce and have for sale on your own website. 

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So where do you start? 

Planning An Industry Magazine

Since you already know the niche you will be working in, you’ll need to come up with at least six months of cover articles, line-up writers, and interviews. But there should always be a little room for breaking news or trends that have made the news too. 

Plan everything from the images to the layout long before you start putting the first one together. 

Cover Images

The images that you choose shouldn’t be stock images that you can get online. Try to make sure that it is something that speaks to your audience. You’ll also need to decide if you should have people, places, or objects on there. 

The cover image will depend on your industry, but it is worth deep consideration. Look at other industry magazines and websites to get a feel for it if you aren’t sure. 


There are a couple of publications that have a masthead that you could recognize anywhere. Vogue, NatGeo, New York Times, and Time – they are bold and recognizable. You may need to play with a few different options before you find the one that fits. 

It may be the case that you need to have one designed for you – which is no bad thing; it means that no one else will have the same one – setting you apart. 

Printing The Industry Magazine

Will you be full color? Have you decided on a size? What about the paper itself, a glossy magazine or matte? Since most small-run magazines won’t need the full extent of a magazine printer, a regular printer and a paper folding machine can handle it for you. Doing it ‘in-house’ keeps the cost relatively low and allows for complete control over the process. 

 A few trial runs are always a good idea. 

Body Articles 

For the largest articles in the magazine, you’ll need to decide if you will handle them or if they will go out to freelancers. In some cases, a combination of these is a good balance. Keep in mind that you will be working ahead of time so that they can be printed and ready for the release date. 

Most magazines work a few months in advance so that everything from the big articles to the filler articles and shorts are ready. 

Value Through An Industry Magazine

One thing that a magazine should always be is packed with value. It should be something that offers more than a standard magazine and real insight into the industry. Speaking with a wide range of experts, from start-ups to investors and everything around it. 

Creating a magazine can be one of the ways that you market your own business and cement your position as an expert in your field. Here are some other methods to combine: 4 Marketing Channels That Will Help You Grow Your Business


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