4 Marketing Channels That Will Help You Grow Your Business

Starting and growing a business is challenging work. You need to focus on so many areas and continuously improve: the product or service itself, finances, personnel, operations, processes, billing, accounting, and marketing. It’s a lot to manage – let alone consider growing

Thankfully, there are proven channels to help you market your business and achieve the growth you want. Gone are the days of throwing up a billboard or taking out an ad in the paper and hoping it will lead to business. 

Here are four marketing channels to consider on your quest for growth.

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Marketing Channels: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Right now, there are millions of searches made every single day on the internet. As a result of those searches, businesses are getting web traffic, impressions, and maybe a sale or gaining a client.

As a result, SEO is the work of optimizing your website to rank for these searches, earn traffic, and convert it into a business. There are a few facets to SEO: on-page optimization, off-page optimization, technical SEO, and content. Nail all of these, and you’ll see your traffic skyrocket.

Social Advertising

Everyone is high on social media these days. But many overlook the power of advertising on social media platforms. The beauty of this one of the marketing channels is in targeting based attributes. You’re able to push advertising based on specifics like age, gender, location, interest, and online behaviours.

You can hyper-target your ideal buyer – and for relatively low prices. The average cost-per-click on Facebook is around $0.35. If the ads are well-optimized, this is a steal compared to a billboard or magazine ad. 

And Facebook isn’t your only option; you can run ads on Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and more!

Marketing Channels: Public Relations (PR)

PR is an age-old marketing tactic to gain publicity and exposure for your brand, but times are changing. Now, there are new advertising mediums that are better than press or television. 

PR is now evolving to include branding, speaking gigs, publishing, and much more. It can be tough to hire in-house but consider using a proven agency like elitelawyermanagement.com to help you drive growth for your business (especially if you run a law firm).

Email Marketing

Once you have a potential buyer’s attention, you need to be investing in marketing efforts to help seal the deal. Enter: email marketing. Thanks to this tactic, you can nurture prospects at only the cost of your email service provider. It’s full of opportunities.

If you’re in the B2B world, a popular tactic is a nurturing drip, where you send occasional emails to those who have expressed interest in your product over a series of time. Some emails are educational, while others are a bit more sales-focused. By the end of the campaign, there’s a good chance they take action.

In the B2C industry, email marketing is perfect for pushing offers, introducing deals, inviting repurchases, and building brand equity. If you’ve ever done online shopping, you’re familiar.

Whatever channel you choose, be sure you’re tracking your results and continuously evaluating progress. Marketing channels can be an easy area to throw money down the drain. Make sure you’re getting the most out of every dollar.


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