Finding Your Dream Job

Finding your dream job may seem more complicated than you imagined, especially if you have a specific field that you work in, or have a particular specialty. Sometimes we will have spent years researching and attending classes to gain a qualification that we need for our perfect. And when it comes to actually searching for a job, it can become a bit overwhelming, and disappointing if it doesn’t pay off straight away. But don’t worry as everything happens for a reason, and the right job is just around the corner for you. 

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Job Centres

It sounds obvious, but job centres are an excellent place to start when you’re thinking of looking for a new job. They may not have the exact role you are looking for; however, they will have resources, and staff available to help you through a tricky time. This is always welcome since we need all the help we can get when we are looking for the right employment.


There are plenty of sites that hold all the information for you to find your new dream job, the different options are vast, but this means that you should have plenty to work through and more chance of finding the perfect job. Don’t forget that when filling in the forms, you have to be honest and accurate as well. So if you find yourself writing about the information on the pardons Canada gave you, make sure you get good advice first!

Sending CVs

This one is the standard for when you’re looking for a job, however posting a CV to potential employers won’t necessarily boost your chances of an interview, unless your CV is spectacular. To stand out, you need to make an actual effort to get in touch with the person that makes the decisions on staffing. Obviously, take a copy of your CV with you but always try and be bold and speak to the right people, rather than being fobbed off. Also, it’s important to note that LinkedIn is now one of the easiest ways to find out about the company and what they’re up to in the real world. So also make sure your LinkedIn profile is bright, engaging, and above all professional, and has all the information about education, past experience, and your interests.

Stay Positive

It’s very easy to become disheartened quickly when looking for a job, especially if you’re getting lots of interviews but not receiving lots of job offers. But stay positive you will find the right role for you, with the right business and the right management. It goes without saying that hard work pays off, so if you’re working hard and you’re creating opportunities for yourself, it will pay off in the end. Just remember to be confident, and keep practicing your interviewing skills. It’s also worth noting that being kind to yourself and managing expectations is critical here. 

So even though it may seem as though there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Finding your new dream job is actually worthwhile. Make sure you have the skills that you need to do the job that you want, and just show your potential employer why it is that they need to hire you as soon as possible.

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