15 Apps To Help Achieve Goals

Need help to achieve goals? Well, there is an app for that. In fact, there are several apps. Over the years that apps have been in the world, there has been a swarm of apps. Some apps have been less than useful of course. But in the age where so many of us want to grow, apps have become more practical.

As such, there is a lengthy list of apps that can help you to achieve goals. Not in the sense that they’ll do the work for you. But they will indirectly develop the habits that can. You don’t need to download each one, in fact, don’t. 

Instead, focus on one at a time.

I say this because each person has their own struggles when it comes to setting goals. Some people lack goal-setting mindsets while others need more direction. These apps can help you in identifying what you need to work on.

Conversely, these apps can bring you to the next level and help you have greater success with your goals.

1. Todoist

What’s one thing that you absolutely must finish today? Well this app, Todoist is essentially an app where you can list off anything. Shopping lists, wish lists, daily tasks. But more importantly, you can list off goals – both short-term and long-term.

What’s even nice about this app is that it sends you reminders as well when you list specific dates. So if you can add a date for the specific goal, you can ensure the app will remind you about it.

2. Achieve Goals Community: Coach.me

Coach.me is another incredibly powerful tool for the person who needs an accountability partner. This particular app is more or less a community of users who’s goal is to motivate others and prevent people from giving up.

This system is amazing and worth considering. It can be really motivating to see others putting in work and achieving goals.

3. Way of Life

This is for the goal setter who is looking to get out of bad habits. Way of Life is only available for iOS, but it helps you set long-term and short-term goals to help you overcome a bad habit. The app also has charts, scoreboards, and provides immediate feedback to help you stay on track.

A word of warning if you download this app though: don’t focus entirely on removing a bad habit. While a lot of us think of bad habits as just that, remember that it became a habit because it fulfils a certain need.

Now I can’t tell you what that need is, but make it a point of stopping a bad habit by doing a good habit that fulfils that role. For example, if you smoked because you liked the social aspect, make a goal to talk to people over the course of the day.

4. Strides

Strides help you achieve goals by providing solid goal setting techniques. The app specifically provides four unique types to track your goals. Regardless of the type, each one focuses on a form of step-by-step goal-setting and progress.

5. Goal Catcher

This is more of a program than an app, however, it’s arguably better than a traditional app since it’s more focused. Goal Catcher uses artificial intelligence to coach you. And while AI still has a long way to go, this AI has learned from a coach that has been helping people for over 20 years. What’s also great about this program is that it’s completely free.

6. GoalsOnTrack

GoalsOnTrack is the app built for the high achiever by encouraging you to set SMART goals. While I think there are better systems than setting SMART goals, I won’t argue that some people find this to be helpful as a start.

What’s also interesting about the app is that it also offers room for subgoals, goal templates, and progress tracking. You can even build a vision board and have a goal journal.

7. Remente

To help me get into the habit of regularly setting to-do lists, I used an app called Remente a while back. Even though I don’t use the app any more at the time of writing this, it’s still an app that I stand by.

It’s similar to Todoist in that you can create a list, however, this list is more focused on setting daily goals. What’s also nice about the app is they also have preset goals you can work to as well. The free version provides a small pool but enough to get you started.

8. Achieve Goals With Toodledo

The name is definitely fun to say, but it’s also an app that provides great flexibility and variety to help you achieve goals. Toodledo‘s core purpose is to be an efficient task manager by allowing you to create a productivity system on it. You can also set reminders and due dates as well as make tasks repeat themselves.

9. ATracker

A time-managing app, ATracker ensures you are using your time appropriately by letting you monitor how much time is going is devoted to a specific task. You also have reports you can use for reference.

10. Habitica

For the gamers out there, Habitica finds a way to balance practical goal setting and productivity into a game. It gives out rewards and punishments in order to keep you motivated. It’s also one of the few apps on this list that has an in-app community.

The app takes a fantasy spin – hence the gaming aspect of this app. You’ll fight monsters with other users, and manage your to-do list, habits, and daily goals.

11. Achieve Goals With Lifetick

Lifetick is for the people who want to keep the process simple. It’s straightforward in its design and is basically like every other goal-setting app on this list.

What’s distinct about it though is that large groups of people can get involved in it. Because of the low learning curve, it’s possible to use this for employee training. That or a family could set goals together or even teachers setting goals for students.

12. Streaks

This app builds up the habit of being consistent by adding a streak system. Streaks allow you to set up to 12 tasks that you’ll turn to habits. You set their schedules and each time you finish a task, your streak extends.

13. HabitBull

HabitBull is a better version than Way of Life in that it’s structured to set good habits and break bad habits. HabitBull also makes a point of sharing motivational content to you every day. From quotes to images, it’ll even squeeze in advice.

You can track up to 100 habits and it’s fully customizable too. They also include some presets which come with their own calendar for tracking purposes.

14. Achieve Goals With Evernote

This app makes the list primarily because it’s not exactly a goal-setting app. Evernote, in general, is a note-taking app that you can sync across many devices. You can record thoughts, notes, upload photos and audio files, and turn it into a valuable resource of information.

More importantly, you can use it to set goals and track them.

Again, the app doesn’t have tracking systems like the other apps, but for the person who wants to jot things down and include valuable resources, this is a good one.

15. Wunderlist

Wunderlist is the last app I’ll talk about and helps achieve goals in the same kind of fashion as other apps. It’s going for a minimalist design so everything is out in the open and simple. You can access the lists through any device as well and can create all kinds of task lists. From to-do lists to goal setting, the free version has a lot of functionality.

Achieve Goals Through These

A lot of these apps on the surface are more or less the same thing. It’s this reason why I recommend selecting only one from this list. Regardless, the one you do pick will certainly help you in some fashion.

Goal setting is a journey. With every success, a new problem arises and you start to learn what works and what doesn’t. I encourage you to experiment and try different techniques to set goals. Learn what will help you succeed. This is how you will achieve goals in the end.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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