DIY Learning In The Classroom Of Life

Education has the power to change your life. That’s the case whether you’re 15 or 50, and it’s a lesson you’ll surely benefit from keeping close to your chest. The more you learn, after all, the more satisfied you’re sure to feel, and the better your career prospects will start to look. 

Of course, as you leave standard education, the options for enhancing knowledge expand by a fair margin. Even then, many of us turn to traditional education in colleges, schools, etc. because it’s what we’ve always known. Yet, with online courses and evening classes continuing to grow in popularity, we’re quickly realizing the pitfalls of the ‘traditional classroom’ setup. 

Instead, countless individuals are finding that DIY education a better option to boost their prospects and passions. But, you needn’t take our word for it. Keep reading to find out why doing education yourself could well give you a competitive edge you weren’t expecting. 

Image by Ariel Castillo: CC0 License

Easy Access

Taking the helm on your study experience with online courses like those offered by Norwich University can ensure that you always have access to the education you’re after. Too often in the classroom, the need to cater to everyone means that you’ll inevitably learn some things that don’t interest you. By comparison, doing things yourself typically means choosing only relevant subjects. This is fantastic for keeping passion alive. It also has the pressing benefit of allowing you to specialize in a subset of a subject without worrying about unwanted distractions along the way. 

Motivation From Within

When you have a teacher breathing down your neck, motivation is an inevitable part of the education journey. Sadly, though, motivation that comes from outside sources is unlikely to teach you anything. By comparison, DIY education means that you only have yourself to rely on. That can prove invaluable for bolstering your efforts and teaching you about self-motivation in ways a classroom setting would struggle to achieve. That alone could see you taking a valuable lesson with you that’s applicable in nearly every career setting moving forward.

Proof Of Power

Speaking of benefits in a career setting, the power provided by self-earnt education on your resume could also prove beneficial. Qualifications alone are rarely enough to secure a job these days. But a degree you’ve pursued yourself could well help you stand above the crowd. Education of all kinds proves perseverance, but none more than an education you’ve fought for off your own back. At the very least, the power this displays should see you securing an interview. You may find, too, that it plays a significant part in helping you get the job. 

Doing anything yourself is a challenge, but it also reaps much larger rewards when you finally reach that end goal. If you want to expand your career horizons or simply kickstart your thinking, then taking control of learning, at last, could well be the best next step on your journey.


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