7 Simple Tools To Make DIY Projects Easier

DIY projects bring a certain level of satisfaction to our lives that other things can’t. We get the satisfaction of doing things ourselves and being able to solve our problems in creative fashions as well.

This is on top of saving a lot of money and not having to hire professionals.

There are still ways that it can backfire though and part of that issue might be that you lack some of the tools necessary to get whatever project you’re working on completed. Below is a short list of the essential tools that you need that are required for any DIY toolbox.

Photo by Karl Solano on Unsplash

Screw Driver

Getting your hands on some handy power tools for DIY projects does help, but if you’re on a tight budget, a simple screwdriver can help over a power drill.

A power drill would be handy if you’re the type that is screwing in a lot of screws.

If not, a regular screwdriver will help. It gives you more control as you’re driving in screws so you’ll never have to worry about over-torquing and stripping the screw heads.


Just like a screwdriver, a hammer is one of those basic tools where it’s presumed you’d have one. Mind you, there are several kinds of hammers that have their own unique applications.

The fact still remains they are a helpful tool and the more flexibility you have with them, the better.

If you’re going to be using a hammer long-term and for finished products, it’s smart to get a hammer with a smooth face on it so it won’t leave dents or other noticeable damage.


Monkey, pipe, torque, Allen, socket, or spud, these tools are versatile. Buy a set of whichever one you think you’ll need to use the most and keep them all in order. This way if you ever need them, you won’t have to go searching for them.

Circular Saws

Getting into power tools, circular saws are great for quick clean cuts through wood. These tools also provide great versatility in that you can adjust the depth and angle of the blades. If you can only get a single saw, it’s good to get a quality circular saw.


Any projects at home must have a surface to work on. Sure, you have the floor, but bending down all the time and maintaining that posture will make the process more painful.

Get yourself a flat surface where you don’t have to be in uncomfortable positions all the time to do your work.

Tape Measure

Tables, chairs, stools, and so much more need precise measurements. Not having a tape measure means the project will be unbalanced and not appealing to the eyes.

A tape measure will address these issues and it is a vital tool in any project where you need exact numbers.

A Tool Set

Whether it’s daily house repairs or DIY projects, you may find yourself needing other general tools like special scissors, claw hammers, pliers, knives, amongst other things.

In those situations, a general toolset will help. It’ll hold the things mentioned in this list plus some other helpful situational tools.

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