4 Reasons Owning a Home Gives You Happiness

There is something that owning your own home brings that other ways of living don’t seem to match up too. While there are some costs that you need to prepare for at first, like a deposit, and searching through listings of homes for sale – once you close the house, you can turn it into your own paradise. 

Research shows that owning a home can make you happier. But what is about owning a home that makes you feel great? 

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Once you own your home you are free to decorate it however makes you happy. You don’t need to consider other renters who may move in after you, you can do what you want. 

And, what’s more, is you have all the time in the world to get it right. 

You can indulge yourself in any type of decor that you like and try multiple things out before you settle on the interior that brings you the most joy. 

Owning A Home Gives You Investments

When we talk about investments we often think about stocks, shares and more recently NFTs. But the home that you buy is an investment too. 

But one of the best things is, unlike many other stocks, you get maximum use from this one, since you live there. 

If you decide to sell the home, hopefully, it will have gained in value. The sale won’t offset all of the maintenance that you’ve done to the place, however. It would be smarter to rent it to others. The mortgage should be low enough that the rental income covers it and leaves you some extra. And once the mortgage is all paid off, you could earn higher profits from keeping it in the family.

Owning A Home Gives You Safety

Assuming that you are comfortable enough to pay your mortgage for the entirety of the time, you have a secure location to live and work. 

There is a certain relaxation and settling in that is possible when you own the floor below your feet and the roof over your head. It can give you the roots and stability that many people are looking for in life. 

Often, that safety can cement our decision to start a business, or a family – or both. 


If you’ve ever moved home more than once, you probably have a few fond memories from each location. However, imagine having years and years of memories with you and your family in one place. 

When they say home is where the heart is; it is the safety and the building of memories that people are talking about. 


This one is subjective, but many people feel like the moment that they can put a deposit on a home that they have checked off something on their list that makes them feel successful. 

People can, of course, be happy finding a rent-controlled apartment or home that fits their needs, but they can never be sure that their lease will be renewed every year. 

Ownership of a home offers that feeling of being ‘home’ and the success of securing somewhere that, in most circumstances, can be a home for life and offer safety and security to the family. Which, for many people, can be a marker for success. 

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