4 Of The Most Dangerous Jobs On Earth

While there are countless job choices and careers available, some of us don’t like to settle for the ordinary. In fact, some career choices are ridiculously dangerous. Today we are going to take a look at just a few of the most dangerous job choices out there. We should also take a moment to appreciate the amazing men and women that do these jobs, generally with a huge smile on their faces.

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Log workers quite possibly have the most dangerous civilian job known to man. Most people presume that being a logger is as simple as chopping down a tree. There is actually far more to this job. 

For starters, this job requires far more than a flannel shirt and a wonderfully bushy beard. This job requires serious smarts. A log worker must initially identify the characteristics of a tree. You should first take into account that log workers must identify dangers before undertaking the task of tackling the tree with a chainsaw. The issue may arise that the weather may change during the logging process and provide a clear and present danger.

The job itself presents serious dangers from not only falling trees but the machinery used by the loggers is equally as dangerous.

Truck Driver

Although this is one of the most popular jobs on earth, it is equally as dangerous as it is popular. When we look at the dangers of truck driving, we automatically jump to driving being the most dangerous part.

In reality, there are so many things that add up to this being such a dangerous job. Firstly we obviously have to take into account the danger of driving on the open road. We most importantly, should consider the damage that is going on inside the body of a truck driver. Truck drivers generally have blood pressure, cardiac, and pulmonary issues. These issues are caused by continually sitting, increased smoking activity, and most importantly, the inhalation of diesel fumes. 

High levels of stress also burden truck drivers. The roads today can be a very stressful place. The rate of stress and anxiety levels in truck drivers at the moment is at an all-time high.

Fishing Workers

We have all seen the shows and read articles about fishing workers and how dangerous the industry can be. We have to look at the risks these amazing people take to feed others.

With every other industry, you can more or less risk assess and control 90% of and plausible dangers. With fishing, this is reversed. You can only control 10% of what will happen, and the rest is in the hands of fate.

The sea is, of course, the biggest reason this job causes more injuries and deaths per 100,000 than any other. It is one of those career paths that requires a handsome insurance policy and certainly access to aggressive maritime accident attorneys should something go wrong.

Safety measures on boats are some of the strictest in existence. One small oversight can see somebody injured on the deck or even sent overboard. All being said, being a fisherman can be one of the most addictive jobs, if not the most terrifying for the friends and loved ones whilst they are out at sea. 

Refuse Collectors

Placing this on the list may seem ludicrous to some people, when in fact, this job poses an awful lot of dangers.

When we really examine exactly what the refuse collector does, it is easy to see exactly why it can be so hazardous. The majority of injuries obviously comes from lifting injury, which some may argue is bad practice on behalf of the individual. Some of the biggest risk involved is cross-contamination and third-party infection injuries. 

Refuse collectors the world over are not only suffering from cuts and slashes, this being due to incorrectly disposed of smashed glass. There is also a risk from disposed of drug paraphernalia. When we look at all of the previous issues, then add on the rate of vehicular crushing accidents that take place too. You are left with a very dangerous job, indeed. 

When we examine the dangers presented by any of the above jobs, it is a wonder that anybody is brave enough to undertake them. Lucky enough there are people out there that do not just do the job; it is their desired career. We should take time to thank these brave people and wish them the safest of futures. 


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