4 Disturbing Things Stress Does To Your Body

Stress is the number one killer in modern society. Indeed, according to the Mental Health Foundation, around 3 in 4 individuals feel unable to cope emotionally with their high-stress levels. However, dealing with stress is an essential part of your maintaining your health. 

The main problem when it comes to coping with pressure is that you need to make conscious, physical choices to improve your feelings. Indeed, coping is a behavioral response more than a positive mindset. Staying away from unhealthy stimulants such as nicotine and caffeine can help to keep your heart rate under control and gradually calm your mind. Additionally, resting also helps you to relax, as fatigue can make it tricky to de-stress. 

But stress doesn’t affect just your mental health. Stress affects your cardiovascular health, leading to an increased risk of stroke for people who work in hectic environments. Aside from your heart, stress can cause small but lasting damages that can result in premature death. 

4 Disturbing Things Stress Does To Your Body

#1. It can mess up with your hearing

Stress is linked to high blood pressure, which in turn can affect your inner ear health. Indeed, people with high blood pressure are more likely to develop tinnitus symptoms, aka the ringing ears. Fortunately, while the condition knows currently no cure, you can find your tinnitus relief today in the shape of smart hearing aid solutions that can control the discomfort. It’s important not to ignore the condition. From a ringing sound to a clicking, when left unattended tinnitus can increase the risk of hearing loss and isolation, creating the perfect terrain for depression. 

#2. Stress can increase your allergy risks

Stress weakens your immune system. Indeed, the body perceives stress as an external attack, which means that while your body tries to fight off the perceived intruder, it can’t use your immune system to tackle any further issues. As a result, stress makes your allergies worse, as the immune system is already under fire. 

#3. It can make you appear older

The ageing process of your body is linked to the length of your DNA. Indeed as the end of each strand, the telomeres act as caps that protect your chromosomes. Over time the caps become shorter and cause the cells to age faster. However, the shortening of your telomeres is not just linked to old age. It can also be influenced by stressful events in your life. You can’t regrow telomeres once they’ve become shorter. But you can prevent accelerating the risks of premature ageing and death by reducing the number of stress factors in your environment. 

#4. It makes you stupid

Your brain is a plastic entity that can reshape and restructure itself. The more you commit new information to memory, the more you maintain the plasticity of your brain, aka its ability to adapt. However, stress hormones can actively affect the structure of your mind and reduce your memory and concentration function by preventing sufficient plasticity. To put it in layman’s terms, being stressed means you can’t make the most of your brainpower, increasing the risk of dementia. 

In a world where you can’t eliminate stress, it has become increasingly vital for human survival to learn how to manage and reduce our stress levels effectively. Stress is the invisible enemy that stands in our way to a long and happy life. 


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