3 Reasons New Entrepreneurs Should Learn From Their Peers

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New entrepreneurs are everywhere and looking to break into the world of business. But during that transition there are good chances that you and many others have waved goodbye to full time employment. You’ve also surrendered the steady wage, and you have bid a fond farewell to any promotion prospects.

The reality is that leaving employment can be rough and the costs can be steeper than you can imagine.

Forging your own path in business can be scary but it can be hugely fulfilling. Being a newbie entrepreneur can make you feel like a tiny fish in a shark-laden pond. However, by networking with peers and learning lessons from their past mistakes, you can hit the ground running and make a real success of your new venture.

New Entrepreneurs Get Networking

When it comes to finding peers to network with, get online and utilize your social media presence. While Facebook is more for friends and family and Instagram is a bit of a jolly, consider Twitter to source some contacts. Many people on Twitter are there in a purely professional standing. You can follow someone local, who is in your industry, and who you’d like to connect with. Send them a DM, see if you can meet up and chat over coffee and flatter them a little. Do your research and ask for their advice. Industry experts are keen to have their egos massaged so link up and make new connections with individuals in your vicinity. They may inform you of the pitfalls that they didn’t manage to avoid that you now can.

New Entrepreneurs Could Get Better Funding

If you are keen to seek funding to launch your startup, you may assume that you need to make an appointment with your bank manager. However, don’t forego the allure of the business angel. Investors like Ariel Shlien Innovative Entrepreneur, the CEO of Surefire Capital is keen to utilize some of his own cash to invest in potentially lucrative business opportunities. He began a small education business that now has over a hundred and fifty franchises across the globe. He is an entrepreneur that will validate your idea should he choose to invest. Securing the funding from a business angel isn’t purely financial. You will also gain their advice, their experience and their contacts should you require it. Remember, they are investing in you as much as your business idea.

Being Humble

The finest entrepreneurs recognize that they do not know everything. Even the entrepreneurial veterans that are supremely successful are still learning. As a newbie you need to show humility and be willing to get stuck in. You will be working long hours, becoming a Jack of all trades, and trying to keep everything afloat as you launch your services or product range while trying to maintain a cash flow. An entrepreneurial life is much more frenetic than the life of a full time employee but it is also more exciting. Ask the advice and connect with those entrepreneurs within your chosen industry. By avoiding their pitfalls and by building on their golden hints and tips, you can soak up their advice like a sponge and apply it to your own startup.

Being a newbie entrepreneur in the year 2021 is a challenge with a global pandemic still raging. However, follow this guide and you stand every chance of success.


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