Why are Eye Exams Important For You

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Remembering to book your eye exam can often get forgotten about but having your eyes checked regularly can find issues with not just your sight but your whole body. With so many appointments to keep up with, an eye exam should be as important as booking the dentist. It can keep you informed with your overall general health and sight. It can detect issues such as diabetes and high blood pressure, which could be recognised earlier than a doctor in certain situations.

Eye Exam Vs. Vision Screening

These two services can get confusing. They are both for eyes, yet one is much more beneficial than the other.

Visual screening is a basic check of what your eyes see by doing a series of activities with you to decide whether you need some help with your vision such as forwarding you for further assessments to improve your vision. This could include reading the board at the end of the room and reading from a card at arms reach. 

An eye exam is very different and much more beneficial to you and the overall health of your eyes. This is because they check the vision and can prescribe you with prescription glasses or contact lenses as well as using high-grade equipment to check the health of your eyes. They can often notice the signs for diseases that could potentially affect your sight and health. An eye exam can also diagnose any symptoms through your eyes for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, tumours, cancer, autoimmune disorders along with thyroid disorders.      

Remember Your Eye History

It is not unusual if you require more regular checkups if you have certain conditions. It can make a massive difference to the health of your eyes and could detect any symptoms that worsen over a short period. Circumstances like this could include a history of glaucoma, if you have diabetes, are over 40 or have any family history of eye diseases as this ensures that they can track your eyes health. 

There are all kinds of guides online to help with navigating low or poor vision. Here is one such resource.

If You Struggle To See

Often it can be cast to one side if we find we are struggling with seeing certain items, but our vision is one of the essential things so getting it checked out can benefit you for the long run. Sometimes when you go for your routine checkup, they will show you a potential prescription to try, and they will look clearer without you even realising you were struggling beforehand. With many different options with glasses and contact lenses, they will find a solution that will transform your vision with ease. 

Living With Low Vision

Hopefully, with this guide, you will be able to see why it is essential for you to have an eye exam regularly. As well as improving your vision by finding a prescription that will help you, they can detect and see symptoms for conditions such as diabetes and high cholesterol through your eyes. They can often refer you to a doctor to help sort this out.


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  1. It’s good to know that an exam is more beneficial than a screening. I have been having a harder time seeing at night recently. I will look for an eye doctor nearby so I can set up an exam.

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