Unique Ways To Grow Your Small Business

As a small business, you may struggle to stand out. Finding an edge over competitors can be the key to increasing sales, getting higher ROIs, and expanding your business. 

Here are some unique ways to grow your small business and find that edge.  

Support a Charity 

At the outset, spending money on a charity may seem contradictory to sales growth and increasing your margins. However, partnering with a charity allows you to support a worthy cause and raise brand awareness. 

Focus on finding a charity that appeals directly to your target audience and aligns with your business’s values. You can ask the charity to promote your business on their website, and you can make your charitable contributions known on your website as well. 

Partnering with a charity can also help you make business connections and attract new customers who are linked to the charity.  

Add Delivery Options 

There are many industries where having the ability to deliver products is highly beneficial. 

These industries can include catering businesses, restaurants, floral shops, independent pharmacies, local grocery stores, and many others. Using a service like Uber Eats or a third-party shipping company like FedEx can be cost-prohibitive. These options also don’t give you as much control over your operations. 

Consider investing in a delivery vehicle, such as a small, refrigerated van for temperature-controlled products or a dedicated car or truck for deliveries. Having your own vehicles gives you the flexibility to deliver how you want, build around your e-commerce site, and keep money back in your pocket. 

And if you are looking for temperature-controlled delivery trucks, here are some recommendations for refrigerated vans.

Fully Develop Your Social Media Presence 

You’ve no doubt seen a viral video or two where a small business puts out social media content that winds up astronomically expanding its customer base. While you can’t rely on striking gold with a viral video, increasing your social media presence can still yield terrific results for your small business. 

Best of all, social media is incredibly cost-effective. Simply posting content doesn’t cost a thing, and paid advertisements are usually very affordable and targeted toward a specific audience. 

Make Handwritten Thank You Cards 

Personalizing your customer service and business partnerships, especially early in the lifespan of your small business, can yield lifelong results. 

Sending your customers a handwritten thank you note shows that you took the time out of your busy day to recognize them. These handwritten notes also help separate you from the competition, build up customer relationships, and create an extension of your brand.  

These are just some of the tools you can add to your small business arsenal. If you consistently make attempts to grow your business, you will increase your chances of expanding.  

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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