Things To Know When Preparing To Live on a Bus

Many people have found that by moving into a motor vehicle, they can be free of the obligations associated with a home or apartment. With the amount of student debt that a high percentage of citizens carry and an increasing interest in minimalistic practices, this seems to be the way for many. 

From air streams to vans to converted school buses, people are freeing themselves from the restrictions they once felt and taking to the open road. When your house is mobile, there are many possibilities for you to work, live, and travel with all the comforts of your home wherever you go. If you have decided that this way of living is something you desire, be sure to consider the things to know when preparing to live on a busbefore embarking on your journey. 

Getting Organized

Once you have set up the inside of your bus, you’ll need to get organized. As you begin to pare down your personal possessions, you’ll want to start to compile the essentials. You’ll need to determine how they will best fit in your new living space. 

Try noting the things that you use regularly, as well as the things you use less frequently but will still need. Don’t get rid of anything you may have to buy again later just for the sake of minimizing your belongings. There are many crafty and unique ways to use small spaces and multipurpose furniture to stow your stuff. 

Being Prepared

Preparedness is key. You want to be able to find everything you need with ease. Make sure everything has a dedicated place. Additionally, emergency equipment and items should be accessible and fully stocked. Your home will be on the move, and you never know when you’ll be just out of reach of a nearby store. 

When you feel as though you’ve adequately prepared your new living space and its future inhabitants, do a dry run. Try parking your bus on a friend or family member’s property and living there for a brief period. Get a sense for what it’ll be like before setting sail. You may discover a few things you forgot you would need or some kinks you still need to work out. 

Knowing Your Bus

On your journey, there are likely going to be issues that pop up with your transportation. You should know the ins and outs of the vehicle before going anywhere. Understanding common diesel engine noise problems, best maintenance practices, and small fixes you can do yourself will keep you safer on your way. 

Being stuck in an unknown and unpopulated location can make things stressful and difficult. The more acquainted you can become with the engine, the entire bus, and the safest way to operate it, the more you can enjoy yourself without worry. 

There are many things to know when preparing to live on a bus.The more educated you can be on the reality of this type of living commitment, the easier the transition will be. It will take time to adjust, but you can start by getting to know your new home and making a resolution to enjoy the experience. 

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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