Solo Travel Essentials To Keep Your Trip Stress Free

Sometimes there’s no better way to destress, recharge your batteries and clarify your thoughts than to travel. Embarking on a spot of overseas travel can be the most effective way to experience new things, immerse yourself in new cultures and see new vistas. Traveling is one of life’s most exciting adventures and many people need to hot foot it across the globe to scratch a niggly wanderlust itch. Take a look at these essentials that you need to take note of if you are keen to take a solo travel jaunt.

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While you might not be planning on getting ill when you are abroad, you should still take a simple first aid kit should the worst occur. You don’t need a heavy medicine cabinet but you do need some essentials. Take band aids for cuts, ensure that you pack some diarrhoea tablets for when you eat that dodgy bit of meat or drink some less than pure water, and never forget the usual paracetamol should you get a headache. While you will be able to get most of these things where you are traveling to, there may be occasions where you go off piste. You should be organized and play it safe by taking your first aid kit with you.

Think Safety

A hardbacked piece of luggage may seem the toughest and most secure to take with you. However, a front-loading backpack won’t need to go in a hold, and instead of wheeling it behind you making it vulnerable to snatching, you will have it on your back at all times. Having a front-loading backpack means you can access your kit easily and keep any expensive items locked away in obscured pockets.

There are other aspects to backpacks you can consider as well. Each type of backpack has its own uses and could come in handy in various scenarios.

Always be safe and take your smartphone with you. Keep it fully charged and don’t be a martyr and be tempted to leave any form of communication at home because you want to embark on true solo travel. Being uncontactable isn’t safe. Going solo requires you to have the means to communicate should an emergency occur, even if you won’t be venturing onto Facebook or posting your latest travel snaps to Instagram every day.

Another consideration is travel insurance. In the event of something very serious, travel insurance can cover expenses. To get a better understanding, check out this guide.

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When you venture overseas on your own, the chances are that you are nervous and you don’t want the stress of blowing your budget in the first week. Here are some ideas to help you save money:

  • Set up a skeleton itinerary and book your accommodation before you set foot on the plane.
  • You can make simple reservations and pay as you check in to each place.
  • Get online quickly to take advantage of early bird offers.
  • Fly at ungodly hours and go indirect to find flights that cost half the price of peak time and direct flights.
  • If you are keen to go overland, you can take advantage of European rail passes and cheaper tourist travel in areas like South America and the Far East. Trains can be the best way to travel if you’re keen on seeing the authentic side of your destination.

Follow this guide and you will have a successful trip overseas.


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