5 Reasons To Never Give Up

One lesson I taught myself early in my business launch is to never give up. Make sure to ride it out for as long as it’ll take you. While looking at my track record, many people can point out that I have “given up” on some things.

But I personally haven’t given up. I’m merely pursuing things in my own way. Sometimes that means going off the radar for a bit or trying something new. Regardless, I never give up on something unless I have a good reason to. And I think following this principle will help significantly in others lives. Here are my reasons to keep pushing forward.

5 Reasons To Never Give Up

You Learn Lessons

You never truly fail something unless you learn nothing from it.

I’m a firm believer that every failure or slump has a lesson in there. It’s something for you to learn and to keep pushing forward.

And in an era where there is not much support, it’s key for many of us to do things on our own. We need to be our own cheerleaders and finding lessons and applying that knowledge can help significantly.

One example of this is my pursuit for better health. I’m not exactly the shining example of building a habit of daily exercise, but there is definitely effort. I’ve been working on making videos on occasion. And despite my shaky performance of following up with that, this is is still on my mind. It’s something I’m passionate about and that I’ve learned a lot from.

This is all the more reason to pursue this despite the fact this is a project I’ve worked on for a very long time.

But above all, lessons make you stronger, giving you better odds of success in future attempts. Look at small businesses. There are some compelling odds of failure, but second attempts tend to work better as studies show. These principles apply to everything you do.

There Are Always Great Opportunities

I never give up on most of the things I want to achieve because they lead me down some amazing journeys. This is the same for others as well. Stepping outside of our comfort zone and doing something different gives us the opportunity to grow and experience new things.

Never giving up is merely a mentality to keep going and to continue to explore that avenue. Absolutely, the avenue will have challenges, uncertainties, and risks. However, not only do you learn new things and lessons, you also meet great people as well.

One opportunity that led me down this pathway was when I made the decision to travel across Canada. It was through a program called Katimavik and I saw it as an opportunity to grow myself.

I would never have experienced what I went through if I gave up before I even got onto the plane.

Fear, doubt and anxiety. These are plenty of emotions that gear us towards giving up. When we deny these emotions and overcome them, we have left fantastic opportunities and lessons. Even in cases where we’re not that happy about the experience.

You Focus On Solutions Rather Than Problems

Having a never give up mentality also gives us a fantastic problem solving skill. It’s a technique that I’ve used in the past with success to show for it.

When we are stuck with a problem in our lives, the never give up mentality suggests to work through it. To not turn back and have someone else handle it. It’s basically a sink or swim situation and it can do wonders for people.

It’s this mentality that got me to drop 20 pounds in 6 weeks. I had no other option but to succeed and work through it.

It was the mentality that got me through Katimavik. I had an option to return home but I acted as if I had to stay with this group and couldn’t get away.

It’s also the mentality that I’m adopting right now in my life. I’m saving up to move out of my parents place. Even though I can come back at any time, I’m in the mindset that there is no turning back. I need to work hard and be smart with my money and for the rest of my life moving forward.

I think this mentality works because you’re focusing more on the solutions rather than the problem itself. This skill is vital in us growing because we all know discussing problems constantly doesn’t solve it. Taking action, forming plans, and trying new things. Those work better.

Quitting Becomes A Habit

Another great reason to never give up is that giving up will become a habit as well. Our actions speak louder than words and that will affect as well. If we continue to tell ourselves that this is how we are or that we can’t achieve something, we’ll believe it.

All the same, if we always quit after a while, we will believe that we can’t do anything right.

Getting into the habit of persistence and adaptability can teach us valuable lessons as I’ve explained above. However it also develops the habit of continuing to push forward. This weakens our likelihood of getting into the habit of giving up too soon.

This is so important because everything in our lives requires persistence and patience. If we do not learn these two concepts, we will always give up before we even get started.

And if you have persistence and patience already, then it’s important to develop them more. We will encounter failures and setbacks. We’re not immune from those things. These are tests of our persistence and patience and allow us to develop ourselves further.

We Identify And Build Values

When I started my self improvement journey, there were a lot of things I didn’t understand or really value. In fact, I didn’t really know who I was. Writing honestly helped me out in uncovering some of those things and it continues to do so every day.

This is an ongoing issue in so many millennials like myself as well. We’re stuck in limbo unsure what to pursue and maybe have values we were forced to have. The problem is when we give up, we never get that chance to really find those out.

Whether it’s writing, or finding some other hobby, we are able to uncover values and build our identity. It is crucial that we do this as these shape our personality. Our true personality. And that’s more important than taking societal norms and values and using them as our own.

Rules and norms are good to follow, but there comes a point where if we follow them completely we stop growing. Innovation, creativity, and development stems from people thinking outside of how things should be or how they should act.

When it comes to personal development, stepping outside of the boundaries that we set allows us to develop ourselves and uncover who we are. That possibility doesn’t exist if we give up on every single thing that we do.

Never Give Up & Build Self-Belief

Never give up on yourself. By pushing forward and developing ourselves, we also build self-belief. It is one of the most powerful forces that we can have. It allows us to commit to our actions and allows us to reap the benefits I discussed throughout this post.

This way of thinking is more important than anything else for your self-improvement journey. The sooner you learn this, the easier your progression will be.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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