Making Friends With Google In Your Business

Since its launch in 1998, Google has become a household name. However, small business owners, side hustlers, and freelancers can sometimes fail to understand the advantages of Google for their business. It is, as some put it crudely, a money-making machine through advertising only. When you’re managing a tight budget – and especially if you’re launching a home-based side hustle as a way to generate a second source of income –, the last thing you want is to boost Google’s already enormous advertising revenues. The company reported having made up through advertising only over 116 billion US dollars in 2018. When you’re considering how to launch your side business website on the cheap, it’s hard to see what Google can do for you. But, here’s a tip: Google could help you maximize your hustle income. Here’s how:

Google can help your business

Google Rules The Digital World

The truth about Google is that it is the most popular search engine in the world. At a global level, 73% of searches happen on Google – and 81% of tablet and mobile searches. Making sure your site is optimized for the search engine becomes a matter of business visibility. Thankfully, you can share your content for free with Google, using the Search Console, which lets you upload your sitemap. Why does it matter? Because your customers are going to use Google as a priority.

You Don’t Need To Understand It To Make It Work

There is no denying that if you had an expert on your side, you could run all your Google campaigns as successfully as possible. However, as all of Google’s activities happen online, you can find automated tools to manage everything for you. While they don’t replace the touch of professionally trained marketers, an automation solution for Google advertising can get very close to the result you’d get from an in-house digital marketing team. Why so? Because marketers have designed these automated programs.

Google Helps You To Understand Your Marketing

Ultimately, you can’t run a side hustle business without marketing know-how. However, when you’re short of funds, it can be tricky to hire an agency to do all the hard work. But Google has always been on the side of small businesses and freelancers, and that’s precisely why the company has launched a worldwide digital workshop initiative to provide free training to all businesses. The initiative is currently available in 53 countries and over 25 languages and has already supported thousands of SMEs and independent professionals.

Google Can Be Detrimental In Financing Your Business

Finally, if you’re in the process of turning your home-based side hustle into a full-time business, you will need to find financing solutions. Applying for a commercial loan when you’re still in the development phase of your business can be problematic. Most lenders want to receive some data guarantee that your business idea is profitable. If you don’t have any bookkeeping information to show, lenders, are not likely to be interested. Google for Startups, however, is a fundraising community that can help you to understand how to create a winning pitch to impress potential investors. Additionally, Google Ventures is an investment branch that provides support in specific industry sectors.

In conclusion, whether you’re launching your side hustle activities or trying to start a solo business, Google has a lot to offer to support your goals, both in terms of knowledge, but also marketing strategies, market tips, and overall financing options. What are you waiting for to Google it?


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