How To Make Your Growing Business Look Even Bigger

Sometimes it’s good to be a small business; it can even give you an advantage as potential customers could see you as more flexible and more personally involved. However, there are other times when it pays to be bigger, and if you’re not quite there yet but you’re growing all the time, boosting your appearance might just help you land that all-important contract. Read on to find out more. 

Photo by Randy Tarampi on Unsplash

Outsource For Growing Business

When you have a business, there is a need to do everything yourself. But after a while, you start to realize how exhausting it gets. You’ll also notice mistakes that you’ve made, and you’ll be limiting yourself too. Eventually, people will start to notice that too. They won’t say much about it at first but will piece it together if you’re the one answering their calls and then performing the appliance repair service, for example. It’s not a problem being a solopreneur. But if you want to seem bigger, this can’t be the case. 

Rather than hiring people before you’re ready, outsource as much as you can. Hiring a virtual receptionist from Virtual Headquarters means that your customers will speak to a different person when they call, and it means that you don’t have to be there to answer the phone all the time. Outsourcing your finances means that you don’t have to chase your customers for payment; that’s someone else’s job. 

Change Your Address 

Another tell about the size of your business is your location. Since anyone can look up your address, where you decide it’ll be will determine the size. As such, if size is important to you, you have to be strategic about it. This is key particularly in places where you operate out of your house.

If you only need an office address there are a variety of options for you. One is to organize a PO box, and another is to rent a virtual address elsewhere. If you choose wisely, you can create the impression that you have an impressive address and a business to go with it. 

Remember, there’s nothing wrong with running a growing business from home, and many people do just that. But most businesses have some outside location that is their business address. It’s a better look than using the address of your personal home.

Use Your Growing Business Website 

All businesses must have a website if they’re going to look professional and thrive. Simply having a site for people to find online isn’t enough to show you’re a bigger business than you are. 

Having a professionally designed website makes your business look larger. It offers things to you and your customers. It’s optimized for mobile use, loads faster, looks cleaner, and more. 

There are several options available for you to get, design, and maintain a site. You can do it yourself, hire a freelancer or design team to do it. Or some could approach you and offer to do this.

Final Thoughts

Of course, size isn’t the largest determining factor for a business, even if it’s implied through what your business is and what you’re doing. However, this is one aspect that entrepreneurs do value in certain cases and being able to do this can help in various ways.

If you give the impression you are a larger company, it could lead to more people wanting to work with you. You may even be able to charge higher prices due to the prestige of your business. Size does offer some minimal perks that are worth exploring.


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