How to Help Employees Move Easier

A lot of jobs require employees to be on their feet. From warehouse workers to flight attendants, standing and walking – and maybe sometimes running – are necessary to many tasks done. If you require your employees to be moving around, there are several ways you can help to protect them and keep them happy and healthy. You can pay attention to how they’re moving around so that they can do their jobs more easily and you can help them to look after their feet and legs. Try these tips to give your employees a helping hand when they’re on their feet.

Move Easier By Protecting Their Feet

Standing up or walking around all day is very strenuous. Your employees can walk miles every day, and they might be doing other physical stuff on top of that too. Taking steps to help protect their feet and legs helps to keep them healthier and safer at work. There are a couple of options that you might consider. Padded floors are one possibility, softening the surface that your employees walk on so there’s less impact on their bodies. Another option is to make sure they all have comfortable insoles for their shoes, which you can provide for them.

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Keep the Flow of Traffic Smooth

When your employees are moving about, you don’t want them to get stuck in one place or be bumping into each other. You need to keep foot traffic flowing to help everyone do their jobs. There are multiple ways you can do this. First of all, click here to find ID card holders for your employees, so they can quickly identify themselves when moving between different areas. Consider implementing a one-way traffic system so that everyone has to stick to the left or right to avoid bumping into others. These are just a couple of things that will keep people moving.

Move Easier By Teaching Good Posture

Whether your employees are standing still or moving around, it’s a good idea to help them with their posture. If they’re slouching or have poor posture in any way, it can lead to back issues, aching muscles, and other problems. Talking to them about good posture and even having someone to walk around and encourage employees to correct their posture can help them to work in a healthier way and move easier. Be sure to give them instruction on how to lift heavy items too, as this can also affect their health.

Allow Plenty of Rest

Give your employees time to rest whenever possible and somewhere comfortable where they can sit down. Consider whether they really have to be on their feet. For example, is it necessary for your cashiers to be standing up at all times or can they sit? When your employees do need to be standing or walking, provide rest areas where they can put their feet up and make sure they actually get to use their breaks.

Other things to account for is ways to be dealing with aches and pains. Providing some advice to employees on sleeping with those pains can be helpful if its serious. Sleepopolis created a helpful guide on the matter.

If your want your employees to work hard, keep them happy, and make their jobs easier as much as you can to increase productivity.

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