How Lack Of Sleep Ruins You – 6 Reasons To Sleep

One big fact about my life is that I love sleep. Not to the point that I’ll be sleeping in, however, I recognize how important sleep is.

Unfortunately, I can’t say that’s the same case with other people. People, in general, have had a lack of sleep in America already, but I do know others who are more vocal about sleep as well. Examples like:

I know in the entrepreneurial world, things can be hectic in terms of sleep, but overall I don’t stand by some of those ideals. As I said, I like my sleep and I can get plenty done when I get my 7-9 hours of sleep on the regular.

This lifestyle is ideal for us all for very specific reasons which I’ll explain below.

How Lack Of Sleep Ruins You - 6 Reasons To Sleep

Lack Of Sleep Will Make You Fat

As one scientific study showed, those who slept less weighed more than those who had the recommended hours of sleep. In fact, science has found that lack of sleep is one of the major culprits of obesity in the world as one study found.

These studies have been groundbreaking which is why if you take any kind of diet, they’ll likely mention getting adequate sleep. Talking to any fitness coach or going to a gym, they’ll likely bring sleep up too.

It’s that important.

Better Sleep Will Boost Concentration And Productivity

Have you ever had those days where you do not want to work at all? I’ve definitely had a few instances of that at times when I had less than usual sleep. Well there is a reason for it as you might’ve guessed.

It’s to do with sleep.

As one study found, getting not enough sleep is akin to being drunk. Our brain will function similarly to as if we were intoxicated. So you can imagine what that must do when we try to concentrate or be productive in that state.

Lack Of Sleep Can Kill You

If obesity is linked to lack of sleep, it stands to reason you’ll run into other problems when you lack sleep. It’s this particular reason why I never suggest sleeping less. Even if you are physically fit.

In the science community, it’s common knowledge that sleep quality and duration has massive effects on our health. If the lack of sleep was linked to obesity wasn’t enough. A look into 15 other studies discovered that people who sleep less were at higher risks of strokes and other heart problems as sleep was believed to be connected to chronic and heart diseases.

Lack Of Sleep Makes You Depressed

Sleep has an impact on our mindset and our insides a lot more than you might think. I’ve already mentioned that lack of sleep impacts focus and productivity, but it can also impact our mood.

As one study found, individuals who are depressed often complain about lack of sleep the most. Moreover, those who are depressed commonly take extensive naps during the day. More than likely due to lack of sleep in general.

On top of that, people who have sleep disorders like insomnia and sleep apnea are more likely to be depressed too

Lack Of Sleep Impacts Moods In General

But depression is certainly a more extreme emotion. But because it’s on a more extreme scale, it’s safe to say that lack of sleep also impacts our everyday interactions and emotions. 

As one study found, participants who lacked sleep struggled to recognize the difference in expressions of anger and happiness. These are massive differences in emotions so you can imagine how that would impact peoples interactions.

Sleep Curbs Cravings

Sleep is also associated with food cravings, and in general our own food choices as well. We are more likely to go for healthier foods when we get enough sleep. When we don’t, we often crave high carbs or sugary foods. That’s because sleep is connected to our production of insulin. Lack of sleep messes with that system and we are more at risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

You Need Sleep

No matter what, you need sleep as it’s connected to so many aspects of our body. We would not be able to function properly if we didn’t get enough sleep. So do yourself a favour and strive to get as much sleep as you can.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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