How Entrepreneurship Works To Benefit You

While I am a writer first, the second description of the work I do is entrepreneurship. Like so many other people before me, I want to start my own business, be my own boss, and enjoy the various perks that entrepreneurship brings.

The entrepreneurial world is so appealing in this day and age because everywhere you look there is hardship. People aren’t making enough money to live. There is a great resignation happening. And you’re hearing success stories all the time about people growing a business.

It’s clear that the entrepreneurial world isn’t going anywhere. My generation, Generation Z, and some late Gen Xers see the appeal of owning a business today. Even baby boomers too. However, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the hype of it all and just start a business without thinking.

To help, here are some of the benefits that I’ve experienced in my own venture.

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It Creates Accountability

How entrepreneurship works is simple enough. You start up a business, you work on it every day generating profits while ensuring you, your customers, and possible staff are all happy. How being a business owner benefits you is more intricate than that though.

The first is that a business teaches you accountability.

In some people’s social media bios, you might see that they are a “self-starter”. While that is a silly title, it does capture the idea of running a business on a daily basis. Even if you have a team or a partner that is working, you still need to be putting in the effort to make things happen.

If not, your business is not going to operate very well.

This is also where it sinks in that you are a business owner as when you’re working a regular job, there are systems already in place that incentivize you to work.

Entrepreneurship Works To Enhance Various Skills

Building off those systems, being ambitious in entrepreneurship helps you realize that the place you were working at provided a lot. Even if you absolutely hated working there, the workplace provides a lot of things that as an employee, you didn’t need to worry about.

Staffing, on-boarding, when to take breaks, managing your workload.

There are obviously some things you had to do in those cases but not as much as you do now. What this also puts into perspective is how you have to work on various skills in order to do those things.

Hiring people requires you to improve your social skills and determine what your business needs.

Managing your workload means understanding how much work can you take on realistically. You’ll be looking at ways to enhance productivity and have optimal working environments.

Selling your product or service requires sales skills, marketing, and understanding your target audience.

You’ve probably heard that entrepreneurs wear many different hats and that’s true. But with each one comes various skills that you need to know. Even if you hire someone to do it, it’s still good to have general knowledge of these things, even if you’re starting a simple dishwasher repair company.

Entrepreneurship Works To Help You Find Deeper Meaning

Pondering on life’s meaning is pointless. Instead, you need to be looking at the things in your life that give you meaning. Owning a business can be one of those possibilities as businesses are always an extension of ourselves.

Businesses allow us to explore our passions, hobbies, and interests in a new way as we are able to monetize these things. Mind you, not every aspect of your life should be monetized. However, for the things you are most interested in and devoted to, you could turn into a viable business.

Entrepreneurship Works To Have Dreams

And of course, make them into a reality. Building a business is difficult to do and in the end, you might be failing a couple of times along the way. Entrepreneurship works to continue to push us though as failures give us opportunities to reflect and keep ourselves grounded in reality.

To not buy into the hype that so many entrepreneurial blog posts prattle on about.

Entrepreneurship provides a convenient solution to making our dreams possible in various fashions.

It Enables Us To Have More Flexibility Long-Term

On a long-term basis, running a business is a suitable way for us to be getting the flexibility we want in our lives. No doubt, businesses do need to have a lot of time and dedication put into them to get them off the ground. However, after a while, businesses can become sustainable and support the lifestyle that you want without too much effort.

Entrepreneurship Works For All

Despite what people say, you don’t need to drop everything you are doing right now to start a business. In fact, I would encourage you to keep doing what it is you’re doing right now and start a business on the side. Side-hustles are good ways to get these same benefits without pouring in a tonne of resources.

Side-hustles are good for starters as you would normally gravitate towards things you can do with limited time. Write, create a mini thrift store in your area, freelance, walk people’s dogs, be a walking buddy, etc. There are tonnes of ideas and these can all help to grow you in so many ways.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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