Fighting Anxiety: How To Find Calm In Your Life

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Anxiety alone is disruptive for anyone and fighting anxiety is even worse. Neglecting that fight means having a massively detrimental effect on your overall health. This can result in losing sleep and not eating correctly. It will come between you and your loved ones and will make you fearful of every possible situation that you may find yourself. All in all, anxiety can really cripple you, and it can be very tough to overcome. 

Stemming from an overproduction of certain hormones, anxiety is a natural reaction that is designed to help up us to instinctively deal with dangerous situations in our lives. These hormones give us the spark that we need to run from a predator or quickly find a solution when we’re facing matters of life and death. Having our bodies set continuously in the ‘on’ position will mean that we are producing this hormone even when there is no danger, meaning we are ready for the fight and cannot get the break we need. 

Sometimes you just need to be able to find that sense of calm to relax. But managing anxiety is tricky, and there is not one guaranteed method that will work for everyone. Some people will find that they need to implement a few changes in their lives to bring their anxiety under control. Here are a few ways that you may want to try. 


There has been a rise in people using THC and CBD concentrates to manage mental health conditions such as anxiety. CBD comes from the same plant as cannabis but does not have the ingredients that supply the ‘high’. CBD helps to provide a natural calm that will help you to go about your day without feeling as though you are on edge all of the time. 

Fighting Anxiety With Exercise

While exercise typically has benefits for physical health, there is a surprising amount of mental health benefits from exercising. You may not realize it but squatting is the most mentally challenging exercise of all. But you don’t need to be squatting all the time.

From lifting weights to going out for a walk, exercise provides a tonne of benefits as this guide shows.

Fighting Anxiety With Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a practice that may take some getting used to. There are many ways to implement it in your life, but the overall aim is to maintain a sense of focus and clear thinking. The idea is to get your mind to stay in the moment and not float off into worries and fears. Focusing your breathing through guided meditation is one of the most common ways of practicing mindfulness. 

Getting Help From A Therapist

Talking through your problems can be very beneficial. It can help with finding the root causes of your anxiety and identifying the triggers in your day-to-day life. Find a good therapist who has an approach that you will work well with. There are several different techniques that a therapist may employ. These may include talking through situations or finding new ways to cope with different scenarios by using cognitive behavior therapy. 

Whatever route you take to deal with your anxiety it is important that you understand that you are not alone, reaching out to a friend or family member may help you to find the support that you will need to cope with your anxiety,  


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