Branding Tips For Your Promotional Items

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Promotional items have many benefits. They are affordable, increase your company’s brand recognition, generate leads and create customer loyalty. The possibilities for promotional materials are endless. You could have click pens with your company’s logo or custom sticky notes with your business’s name on it. Maybe you could give out portable cell phone chargers or drink tumblers. What more could a business ask for? Whatever materials you decide to go with, promotional items are an extension of your business. It goes without saying that some thought and care should go into the designing of your promotional items. Here are some branding tips to follow when designing your promotional product.

Do Research On Your Recipients

Familiarize yourself with the demographics of your recipients. Find out what their interests are, their age range, what they like to do in their free time, the things they like, the things they need, and their behaviors. Knowing these things before ordering your promotional products will help you narrow down what those products need to be. If most of your recipients like fishing, it would be a good idea to incorporate something that is useful to someone who likes to fish. Or if your recipients are beer drinkers, it could be good to beer cozy.

Pick Products That Are Useful

You want to make sure that the promotional products you give out are useful to your recipients as 50 percent of people use promotional products daily. Novelty items like giant coffee mugs and odd gadgets may be cool at first glance, but those products will not be used more than once if used at all. Things like cell phone cases, portable cell phone chargers, selfie sticks, pens, sticky notes, t-shirts and flash drives are all things someone can use more than once. Keep that in mind when picking promotional products.

Do Not Go Overboard With Designs

It may be tempting to place as much information on your promotional item as possible, but this is not a good idea. All you need to make your promotional item sing is a good logo and a website to go to. That’s it. If you prefer to have your company’s social media handle instead of its website, that is a good way to go as well. As long as you do not have an overload of things like your company name, website, social media handle, phone number and company biography.

Also, stray away from busy designs. You want to have something that is clean and sleek. If there is a lot going on in the design, it could be hard to find your company’s name, website or any other important information on that promotional item. What is the point in that?

Maintain Consistency

Try to incorporate your company’s standard colors. Make sure your logo is the same on all your promotional items. This makes it easier for potential customers or clients to recognize your brand. Be sure to use the same text fonts and color schemes as all of this goes into excellent brand recognition.


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