Alternative Ways To Invest Your Business Savings

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Got some business savings that you’d like to grow? A high interest savings account is the most low-risk and secure option – but it’s also potentially a slow way to grow your money. Finding alternative ways to invest your business savings could allow you to make more money faster. Here are just a few options.


A CD (Certificate of Deposit) is offered by many banks and can make you more money than a traditional savings account. Unlike a savings account however, you cannot access this money until the CD has matured. It can be ideal if you don’t want the temptation of being able to access that money for a period of time. Generally the longer the maturity date, the more of a return you will make.

Peer to Peer Lending

You could also lend your business savings to an individual or another company as a loan using peer to peer lending. You can then gradually get the money back along with interest, making a return. By using an official peer to peer lending site, you can be guaranteed some protection if the borrower defaults on payments.

One peer to peer lender is Next Billion. This particular one targets students and lower-income individuals but is a great resource for all entrepreneurs.

Stocks and shares

Another option could be to invest in the stock market. Stocks and shares can be daunting to beginners but there are now so many tools and broker services that can make it easier. Investing in stocks and shares is riskier than many other investment strategies (particularly if you’re day trading) but you have the potential to make a large return.

If you want less risk, you can also consider investing in low-fee index funds. An index fund is a collection of stocks that you’re paying into with a large group of people. A more well known is the S&P 500. More often than not, these index funds perform about the same – if not better – than even the most skilled stock brokers.


A CFD (Contract for Difference) is a contract between two parties that can be traded similarly to stocks and shares. CFD trading can allow you to take advantage of multiple markets while trading from a single account. This can make it a dynamic and interesting way to invest money. There are guides online that can help you to better understand how CFDs work. CFD trading can be risky so it’s worth spending some time educating yourself first so that you know what you’re doing.


It’s also possible to make money by trading foreign currencies. Currency rates are constantly fluctuating in value, which makes it possible to buy a currency and sell it at a greater value. To trade foreign currencies, your best option is to go through a forex broker or finding resources online. You can set up a trading account and put your business savings in here. Forex trading does have its risks, but you can minimize these risks by doing your homework.


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