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As I’ve been going through my self improvement journey, there are many things I’ve learned. About the industry that I write it, what works and what doesn’t, and life lessons.

And one of the things that I’ve come to learn is just how much advice can be misleading. Some of it requires a certain level of privilege. Others rely on mysticism or have little proof of it being effective.

It’s pretty bad and sad to see that.

And while I know that the industry probably isn’t going to change quickly – or maybe even at all – I still wish to help it. In my own little way in the corner of the internet I’ve carved out.

I’ve been writing since 2015 on self improvement, hoping to lead a more purposeful life.

At the time, my writing was terrible. I jumped from topic to topic, headlines weren’t that interesting, amongst many other things. I still have a copy of a terrible writing sample I gave to a client before I had an actual blog.

But since then my writing has been more coherent, structured, and refined. I feel – after taking my writing seriously – that I can deliver appropriate messages and lessons better than I could before.

As such, I think it’s time I introduce something new.

Enter Purposeful Life

Purposeful Life is a project that I started recently on Medium. It’s a publication that I created and it’s also going to be a section devoted on my blog (ericscottburdon.com). These articles will be behind the Medium paywall for those who wish to support my work (reading time and clapping does impact how much I earn on Medium).

I’d also encourage you to check Medium as I’ll be using the publication to categorize my exclusive Medium posts on there as well.

But what is the purpose of this?

Even though it’ll be used to section off specific articles on both platforms, Purposeful Life has a bigger purpose.

I want to be using this as a means of writing more personal stories with some clear upsides for you.

These stories – whether they’re brief or long – will focus on things that I’ve learned recently or things that happened in the past. They can be observations, and theories, but come from a place of sincerity and honesty.

It’s words written out that I believe will help you as well as myself find a more purposeful life.

What Is The Definition Of A Purposeful Life?

Before reading any of the articles I’ve published, it’s important to understand more about a writer’s beliefs. Especially when it comes from something that’s meant to be profound. This also sets the tonne for the sort of articles you can expect.

A purposeful life is a reason for being. It’s where the actions that you are doing define who you are and what you represent.

Searching for this comes down to a matter of self-awareness and self-discovery. You don’t need to practice meditation, hire a psychic or do any sort of mystical stuff to find it. In fact, those sorts of things can often mislead you.

A purposeful life is something that’s constantly shifting and changing as well as we all change from our experiences. This is why I think a purposeful life must have conversations from various perspectives. These broaden our scope and worldview and therefore ourselves in some fashion.

I equate a purposeful life to self-improvement: it’s something constant and it’s important to keep growing and relearning.

Let’s Find A Purposeful Life Together

Whether you are reading these articles on Medium or on my blog, my goal is for these to be helpful. As such, I don’t claim to know all the answers or even the best answers out there. What I do know is that I will write what is on my mind and hope that my writing will help.

A purposeful life is something that we search for and expand our mind as we continue to explore and see and meet new people and perspectives.

Let’s find it all together!

Eric S Burdon

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