5 Thriving Industries In Today’s ‘New Normal’

The rise of coronavirus has seen businesses around the entire world plummet, and millions of people are now out of work, struggling to make ends meet. You may be wondering how someone like yourself, a budding entrepreneur, would go about making a business work in today’s ‘new normal.’ The truth is, it’s going to be hard work. However, it’s not impossible! If you’re brainstorming industries to explore in your next business adventure, take a look at these thriving businesses in the world of 2020 for some inspiration.


Home and garden

Now that people are spending most of their time inside the same four walls, many people have taken to picking up a paintbrush or two and giving their homes a much-needed makeover! That or looking for a custom home builder!

You could choose to create your very own brand of paint, design a new lino flooring range, or, if that’s not your kind of thing, you could set up online tutorials for those that are very new to the DIY scene. However you decide to enter the industry with your new business, you can guarantee one thing, the industry is most definitely thriving!

DIY meal kits

Being at home more brings boredom, and with boredom comes the willingness to try new things in the kitchen. DIY meal kits have boomed since lockdown began back in March, and that’s because of the sheer simplicity of it. End users end up with a fantastic meal with little effort! Perhaps you’ve got a keen tastebud for new and exciting foods? Or maybe your forte is along the lines of testing these products out for review and becoming a vlogger. Either way, the food industry will always be an important one, and you’re unlikely to go wrong heading down this route.

Goods transportation

Thanks to lock down and the inability to head to the shops as we please, masses of people have turned to internet shopping, meaning the goods transportation industry is looking better than ever! Taking care of freight and logistics can be hard work, but if done correctly and efficiently, the goods transportation industry could be very profitable indeed! Whether it’s chilled goods or fragile goods, there’s a lot of money to be made through goods transportation!

Health and fitness

One of the more positive side effects of lockdown is that people worldwide have realised it’s time to start taking their health seriously. Many people have chosen to begin their weight loss journey or take up running. There are countless ways to get into the health and fitness industry and make a difference! From becoming a Personal Trainer (virtual, of course) to making meal plans to aid weight loss or muscle gain, the industry will serve you well!

There are, of course, many other thriving industries around the world right now! These are simply the most effective and consistent industries with plenty of opportunities to make a difference and stand out from the crowd. It’s essential to make sure you’re not put off your dreams by uncertainty and that while reaching for your goals, you continue to support other small businesses to help keep them afloat too!


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