5 Clear Signs You Badly Need To Upgrade Your Business Premises

Ideally, you’d like your business premises to do justice to your brand year-round. But thanks to an annoying thing called depreciation, your offices, retail unit or parking lot can start looking pretty shoddy. And that can put your customers off. 

In this post, we take a look at some of the telltale signs your business is looking a little shoddy and what you can do about it. 

You’re Losing Sales

Are you losing sales but have no idea why? Well, the culprit could be your shoddy premises. Customers are much less likely to buy from you if they can go to a better-presented rival next door. 

You can actually test this hypothesis by comparing the growth rate of your in-store sales compared to those you make online. If online sales are surging because physical sales are lackluster, then you have good evidence issues with your premises. 

There are some quick fixes like getting driveway sealing services, but it could be smarter to find a newer spot.

Your Staff Are Having Problems

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Run-down business premises can also cause issues for staff. When buildings get old, they tend to become more dangerous, leading to all kinds of hazards. These can then result in accidents, insurance claims and litigation. 

Shoddy premises can also adversely affect your staff’s work ethic and desire to show up in the morning. Modern workers want good facilities while in the office. So if you are still operating out of old premises, the quality of the environment may be low compared to your rivals. 

If there are potholes in your asphalt driveway, get contractors to repair them. Also use contactors to fix things like the facade of your building or any air conditioning issues that are making the place smell musty and unpleasant. 

Your Finances Are Improving

If your finances are improving, take the opportunity to either renovate your existing property or move to a new estate. In business, success tends to breed success. So upgrading allows you to appeal to a higher caliber clientele than you could before. 

You Need To Move Closer To The City

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Many new companies will rent offices on the outskirts of town because of the cheaper rent. But, eventually, this location will become impractical. The top-tier workers in the middle of town will want to work in offices close to where they live, not miles out of town. 

Think carefully about the benefits that relocating your office could bring. By getting established downtown, you could massively increase your value and the number of customers coming your way

You’re Worried About Safety

Old buildings aren’t as safe as their newer brothers and sisters. And that’s a worry for many business leaders. They think about what would happen if there was a fire or an electrical outage.

Older buildings can be dangerous for other reasons too, though. For instance, many contain vast quantities of asbestos, a deadly insulating material that causes incurable lung disease. Others may have deteriorating wiring behind the drywall which could spark at any moment, leading to fire. 

While upgrading your premises or moving to new ones is expensive, it is also necessary. If where you work doesn’t serve its purpose, your entire enterprise will suffer. 


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