4 Strong Quora Resources To Boost Your Brand

If you’re ever looking to boost your brand, I have one resource that does the trick: Quora. Quora is a platform that I stumbled upon several years ago but never really used. It was only until recent years when I used the platform on the regular did I start to see how powerful it can be.

And despite Quora getting hit by a data breach in 2018, I’d still say that the platform is going strong. 


Not only have some companies emerged to enhance Quora and businesses alike, but people are still talking about this platform. If you’re looking for quality leads and are on a budget, this is a better option than throwing tonnes of money into Facebook ads or Twitter.

And if you think it takes a long time to get any leads at all, it’s not. Because how posts are set up, they’re not going to get lost to the void compared to Twitter and Facebook.

Pair that up with these resources, these are ample reasons to try out this platform.

My Quora Course

It’s been about a year since I created the Quora Mastery Course but it’s something I’d recommend. And yes, one of the reasons is because I made it and it’s good.

This 10 video course I created provides an overview as well as detailed information on the various features that Quora has. The course also has me spit-balling some ideas of how you can leverage each feature too.

I designed it this way so that it’s helpful for beginners, but veterans too. Beginners can learn about the platform and receive useful information about the platform.

Veterans can get more ideas, new perspectives, and insights into other strategies they may not have considered.

I’ve incorporated my marketing knowledge as well into my ideas and theories. They are still theories, but this knowledge is backed by the years of reading marketing material, and getting feedback from marketing posts.

Another strong selling point is that it’s cheap and quick too. It takes about an hour and a half I’d say to complete the full course and the course is valued at $20 on Udemy.


Getting into third-party tools, one that has emerged is QuestionsPro. Unlike other social media platforms, Quora is pretty lenient about third-party tools. Though I think that leniency stems from the fact there aren’t many tools out there overall.

Nevertheless, this is a tool that I believe will enhance the Quora experience in many ways.

First, the tool offers suggestions for new questions based on your preferences. I like this feature more because using Quora as is can take a while for your questions to be more targeted for you.

I know this because I’ve had people talk to me about getting more tailored questions and they were new to the platform.

It’s also worth noting that these can target keywords as well not only genres.

Second, it has a position and profile tracking. These features are strong because not only do you get little guidance on how to get the #1 response in a thread, but it can also be a hassle looking at profiles too.

This can save you a lot of time and removes guesswork as well.

You can get some more information about it here.


In my hunt for other resources, one other that I found was JARVEE. From looking at this tool, it’s not something that focuses entirely on Quora, unlike QuestionsPro. You can also tell by the fact the only resource it has on Quora is a Quora Answers Tool which they outline here.

Still, I wouldn’t dismiss this tool outright since JARVEE is focusing on the broader picture. After all, this is a company who’s main purpose is to provide easy access and fluidity across multiple platforms.

And as far as the Quora aspects of this tool, it does its job. That is if you’re looking for easy integration across several platforms.

Another Tactical Guide

The last resource I want to discuss is not so much a tool, but a guide to Quora marketing. Posted on Mention, this nine-minute read guide provides details on how you can enhance your marketing and brand awareness.

This guide covers how to build an audience, generating traffic properly, and also converting them as well. Overall, this is a solid guide if you are someone who wants information right now. But the biggest drawback I’d say is like most free marketing resources, the number of examples is limited.

I get that they want to provide simple and precise directions, but when you read one marketing article, I feel like you’ve covered most of what’s being said.

If you’re looking for something more in-depth, I’d also turn to Neil Patel’s tactical guide on this too.

Quora Is A Great Marketing Tool

With more resources for Quora popping up here and there, I believe the platform will surge in time. Despite a few bumps, people are still using it as a strong resource to find answers to many questions.

As a result, I’d encourage you to get onto the platform as soon as you can if you’re looking to build a brand or already have a business. This is a strong marketing alternative and is more effective than trying to post all the time on Twitter or Facebook.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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