3 Great Ways To Improve Checkout Experience In Your Retail Business

A retail business is always constantly fighting an uphill battle against their online competitors. People love online shopping because it’s quick and easy, which is why the retail checkout experience is more important than ever. If you are going to compete with online retailers, you need to make sure that the whole checkout process is as easy as possible for your customers and they don’t leave the store feeling like it would have been easier to go online. These are some of the simplest ways to improve the checkout experience for your customers. 

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Manage Your Staff Numbers 

Lack of staff is one of the most common reasons why the checkout experience is slow. I’m sure we’ve all been there before, wandering through a hardwood store Toronto area or some other physical store and unable to find any staff. If you simply don’t have enough people working during busy periods, you will get long queues and frustrated customers.

This is a particular problem for businesses that don’t consider the peaks and troughs that their store experiences. For example, most stores will experience an influx of customers around the holidays. However, depending on the nature of your business, you may get more customers in certain seasons. That’s why retail stores need to consider seasonal staff in the same way that restaurants do. Offering seasonal jobs allows you to boost staff numbers during busy periods to avoid long queues, but you can save money during the slower periods because you don’t need to pay for staff that you don’t need. 

Improve Your Credit Card Readers 

You might not think that a slow credit card reader makes that much difference but it does for a retail business. If you consider how those seconds add up over the course of a day, it does. Old card readers that take ages to process payments just create frustration for your customers as well as your staff.

The good news is, you can update them with some modern mobile card readers (available here) that are much faster and allow for more flexibility. If you are using mobile card readers, customers don’t necessarily have to wait at the checkout at all because you can take payment on the shop floor. This is such an effective way to reduce congestion at the checkout and improve the overall experience for your customers. 

Offer More Payment Options 

Cash and cards are not the only payment options available any longer. A lot of people like to use mobile payment apps because it’s much easier and quicker for them. However, this is only an option if the retail business supports it. Most large retail stores support a range of different payment options and customers have come to expect it, which means that it’s frustrating for them if you only offer traditional payment methods. 

In-app checkout is a particularly good payment option that is becoming more popular. Customers use an app on their phone to scan items as they shop, then they can pay directly in the app, so they can avoid the checkout lines altogether. Then, they simply show their digital receipt to an employee on the door as they leave. 

If your retail store is going to thrive, it’s important that you pay attention to your checkout process and follow these steps to make it as easy as possible for your customers. 


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