3 Basic Tips for Regaining Momentum and Reducing Overthinking

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Both in business and in personal life, a number of issues people end up experiencing are ultimately rooted to feelings of inertia and stagnation. These experiences are connected to chronic overthinking, and an inability to take action.

While it’s certainly good to be able to analyze different situations and form solutions. But there comes a point when trying to think things through in ever greater detail ends up leading to nothing. Nothing in the form of loops of rumination or analysis paralysis.

Finding yourself in this situation means getting “unstuck” presents a challenge. However, if you take consistent action, you could gain several different benefits.

Here are some basic tips for getting momentum and reducing overthinking in your life.

Take the first reasonable step towards resolving an issue

Everyone finds themselves confronted by situations where there are issues to be dealt with that are a little stressful. Those situations can become troubling as we become fixated on them.

If you run a business and have an electrical issue with your business, the situation can feel outright overwhelming. You could focus all your attention on that and neglect other issues. And in some cases, that may cause you to hesitate significantly when it comes to making a move.

If you find yourself in this kind of situation, it would be helpful to take the first step towards resolving the issue. However, you manage to do that. Even if it might be a band-aid fix, in order to get things moving, doing something can be better than nothing. At the very least, it can reduce the sense of overwhelm that you might well be experiencing. This is on top of reducing overthinking the problem.

In the example of an electrical issue, hiring a trustworthy level 2 electrician can help to get things moving.

Practice “feeling the fear and doing it anyway” and you’ll be reducing overthinking

The concept of “feeling the fear and doing it anyway” is written in business and productivity-focused circles for some time now – and in general self-help circles, as well.

The idea is that activities are always somewhat daunting and uncomfortable to take action in. With that knowledge, you can begin to understand that when you’re feeling nervous or experiencing resistance, those are all part of the process. It’s your body and brain’s way of saying something is difficult.

By adopting that mentality, starting will mean meeting resistance at first before it gets out of your way. Through that, you will find that you’re able to move things along effectively than you had at first thought.

The more you practice “feel the fear and do it anyway,” the more it will become second nature.

Get physically active, ideally in natural settings

Getting physically active – and especially in natural settings – has a remarkable ability you can leverage. In many cases, it helps to move our attention outside of our own heads and back into our immediate surroundings.

Physical activity is so intimately connected to many things in our lives. Motivation, a desire to take action, and creativity. These things we see throughout history have stated that regular walks were a major part of their creative process.

Being able to tap into those things comes as simple as following these simple steps.

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