16 Skills You Will Definitely Need to Be a Brilliant Business Owner

When you think about an ideal business owner in your head, what springs to mind? A polished woman or man in a suit tapping away on a laptop or a diligent person on the phone closing a deal? Although these are both definite signs of entrepreneurial tendencies, they don’t necessarily depict the skills you need to be successful. Having a smart suit is just a small step towards becoming a brilliant business owner; there are so many other traits you need to possess on top of this. If you’re trying to be an entrepreneur, then you need to hone in on a set of very specific skills. If you are serious about business it is likely that you already have a lot of these qualities already. In order to become the best you can possibly be, it’s time to start recognizing some of your weaknesses. The moment you acknowledge your flaws, you can start actively trying to make a change. Some of these skills will come more easily than others, but now is the time to tick them off your list and become a brilliant business owner.


Being able to drive might not spring to mind as the most important entrepreneurial skill in the world, however, you would be surprised at how far it can get you. Buying A Used Car to get you to and from business meetings, networking events and conferences will be an invaluable tool in the long run. As a driver you will have much more flexibility when it comes to making contacts, meeting new people and reaching your business goals.

2. Negotiation

Being a good negotiator is going to get you everywhere in the business world. Whether you’re sealing the deal with a new investor or haggling down the price of your supplies, you will need to be able to talk the talk. Negotiating is all about being firm, but not too pushy. Some entrepreneurs possess this skills naturally, whereas others will find it more difficult to master.

3. Organization

This is arguably one of the most important skills you will need to brush up on when you’re new to the world of business. Being highly organized will not only allow you to meet your business objectives more effectively, but it will give your brand a much better name. If you take too long to respond to queries or you miss deadlines, you will struggle to build your business back up again.

4. Communication

You need to be hot on your communication skills as an entrepreneur, from answering your phone to replying to emails. You need to adopt a professional way of communicating with clients, investors, colleagues and your employees. Communicating can take all sorts of shapes and forms from talking to listening, so spend some time refining your skills now.

5. Management

Good managers are much more likely to make a success of their business. Your management skills will be constantly put to the test when you are building your company from scratch. You will not only need to manage your time, but you will also be involved in managing any other people, such as employees and contractors. You might need to display your skills confidently and calmly, so that your strong management style reflects onto the rest of the people involved in your business.

6. Financial

You don’t have to be the greatest number cruncher in the world to own a business, but it’s a good idea to wrap your head around the simple stuff. A lot of businesses in their early stages can fall under because the owner wasn’t aware of the impact of their spending. In the initial stages it is very important to underspend so you don’t lose out early in the game. As soon as your sales start to settle you will find it much easier to plan and forecast for your future.

7. Marketing

Astute knowledge of the marketing world will definitely give you the upper hand when it comes to reaching your business goals. You could have the best ideas in the world, but if you don’t know how to showcase them to your target audience, you won’t get too far. You can always join a marketing agency who will point you in the right direction. However, in the early stages you will save a lot of money by launching some campaigns by yourself.

8. Technical

Outsourcing your IT to an external company is something you can aim to do in the future. However, you should think about brushing up on your technical skills for the earlier days. Make sure you have basic knowledge of the software and systems your business needs on a daily basis. Check out online guides and do your homework, as you never know when you might need to make a quick fix!

9. Online

Online skills can come in all sorts of different forms, but you need to understand the power of the internet when it comes to business. From social media to websites, your business with thrive if you know how to use the internet to your advantage. Create a strong, consistent and professional online presence and you will soon notice gradual improvements to your business.

10. Presenting 

When you need to pitch your idea to an investor, you should be calm, confident and professional. Presenting and pitching skills will also come in very useful when you hold large meetings. You need to be able to hold a room effortlessly without stumbling or faltering. For many entrepreneurs, they feel much more comfortable sat in their office behind their computer. In order to get the most out of your business you need to feel confident in these skills no matter what.

11. Customer Service

As a business owner you are the face of the entire company. If you aren’t completely polished with your customer service skills it is going to rub off in a bad way to your target audience. You always need to put your clients first, whether you’re providing service with a smile or dealing with a complaint. Customer service skills are also vital for everybody working on your team, so make sure they are fully trained up in this area too.

12. Writing

You will find that improving your writing skills makes you a better business owner. You will constantly be replying to emails and reaching out to new investors, so you need to write in a way that reflects the professionalism of your company. Bad spelling and grammar will portray you in a negative light, so make sure you take this seriously every time you communicate.

13. Creative

Every entrepreneur needs to possess some sort of innate creativity. You can’t always improve upon these skills without spending a long time in a class or working on your own. What you can do is make the most out of what you already have. This means honing in on your creative strengths and using them as much as possible within your business.

14. Competitive

Having a competitive streak inside you will always be in your favour as a business owner. These skills will be constantly tested as new people come into the market and try to compete with your business. Keep this competitive fire inside you and your business will prosper in the future. If you ever find yourself losing this, then remember why you started your business in the first place. This will be enough to raise your spirits again.

15. Leadership

Every business owner needs to show strong leadership skills so that they can show a team how to attain the company’s objectives. Your workforce will lead by example, so it is important to act in a way that reflects your business ethos. Being a good leader is all about displaying behaviour that you would be proud for other people to replicate. There are many leadership courses that can help you to gain clarity on how you might want to be as a business owner.

16. Motivation

Having strong motivational skills will get you everywhere you want to be when it comes to business. If you don’t have a get up and go attitude, you will soon struggle to make ends meet. As an entrepreneur, you always need to be ready to pick yourself up even on the most difficult of days. You will have bad moments and good moments, but having the skills to handle this will always give you the best foot forward.

All brilliant business owners will possess a combination of all the skills mentioned above. You might be much better at numbers and leadership or you might shine at creativity and writing. Find the skills that you are naturally strong at and then work on your downfalls. It’s highly unlikely that you will be proficient in all the skills mentioned above, but you will be able to work towards all of them. Being a well rounded business owner will come in time as long as you can master each one of the skills discussed right here.


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