15 Powerful Ways To Improve Your Confidence In Every Aspect Of Your Life

Would you like to ooze self confidence no matter what you’re doing? Perhaps you’d like to appear confident at work, when out on dates, or even when simply hanging out with friends. There are a number of reasons many of us don’t have the confidence we feel we should have, but there are also many ways we can overcome these feelings. Below, you’ll find 15 powerful ways to improve your confidence in every aspect of your life. Read on to find out what they are.

Adopt The ‘Power Pose’ 

Start to improve confidence by adopting the power pose. You can do this subtly or obviously, depending on where you are and what you are trying to achieve. A power pose is where you stand with your feet hip width apart, hands on hips, and head high. This post can instantly help us to feel more capable, so give it a try next time you’re feeling low on confidence. 

Move Your Body

Finding a way of moving your body that you enjoy can help you to feel more in touch with it. When you feel at one with your body, you’re far more likely to move with aplomb and confidence. The key thing is to make sure you’re doing a form of exercise that makes you feel strong and empowered. For some, this will be lifting weights. For others, it might be yoga, walking, or swimming. It may be a mixture. Whatever you do, make sure you get in touch with your body and you’ll instantly notice the benefits, as well as long term improvements in how you feel. 

Fuel Your Day Right 

When you fuel your day right, you’ll feel so much better and able to concentrate on what’s important. You can’t simply live off coffee and expect to feel confident and ready – you’ll probably feel like a jittery bag of nerves. Start the day with a good breakfast, or at least a pint of water and some vitamins. Then, when you get hungry, make sure you eat something that will satiate you and keep you moving forward. You don’t absolutely have to eat breakfast, but when you do fuel your body, make sure you’re giving it what it needs to thrive. 

Change Your Negative Self Talk 

If you were to really listen to the voice inside your head and how you speak to yourself, would you say it was positive or negative? Most people will admit that the voice inside of their head is negative. Here’s a truth bomb: you are not the voice inside your head. You are simply the one that listens to the voice. It’s also in your power to change your negative self talk. It will take lots of patience and persistence, but it can be done. 

Read At Least One Self Help Book A Month 

If you vow to read at least one self help book a month, even listen to one self help book a month, you will be 12 books more knowledgeable by the end of the year. You’ll likely learn something valuable from most books you read, so make sure you read a variety of authors and people from different places/backgrounds. You won’t believe the sort of knowledge you can come away with, and this will always help you to feel more confident and powerful. 


Keep Up Regular Health Appointments 

When you know you’re healthy, you’re going to feel more confident in many ways. Don’t skip your dentist appointments, and make sure you bring up any worries or fears you have. If your teeth are crooked, something like adult braces could help to give you your confidence back. Aesthetic changes are not necessary, but they can be a helpful factor in your journey to more self confidence. 

Set SMART Goals

Having vague goals will usually lead to disappointment as you struggle to reach them. SMART goals, however, tend to be much easier to accomplish as they are far more specific, and you know exactly what you need to do to reach them in the desired timeframe. SMART stands for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timebound. If you can make sure your goals fit into these categories, you will often find you achieve so much more. Note down and celebrate your achievements and you won’t be able to ignore your greatness for much longer! 

Track Your Progress

Track your progress in everything you do and you can physically see how much you are improving. Take pictures, write it down, and do anything else that feels good to you. Don’t forget to look back at your progress to see how far you have come! 


Visualization is a powerful tool used by many entrepreneurs and athletes. However, it’s used by regular people each and every day, too. The mind is extremely powerful, and often, what we picture in the mind can come to fruition if we imagine it in enough detail and with enough feeling. It might sound crazy, but try it for yourself and you will see. A regular practice can do wonders for all aspects of your life, from your work to your health. 

Develop A Solid Morning Routine 

A solid morning routine will set you up for the day and ensure you feel your best. For instance, get up, have a cold shower, do 20 minutes of yoga, eat breakfast, and read a chapter of a self help book. Your own morning routine can look however you like, but it should always energize you. 


Spend Time With People That Make You Feel Good

The people we spend time with can have a huge impact on our own attitudes and mindsets. If they are constantly negative and speak badly of themselves, you will be more likely to do the same. Alternatively, if they give you backhanded compliments or simply do not support you, then your self esteem is going to plummet even further. You should be spending time with people who want what is best for you and support you in the way you need to be supported. It’s not realistic to expect everybody to be nothing but positive all the time (and it would be quite toxic to do so), however, it’s important to spend time with people who also want to better themselves. If you wouldn’t want to be the ‘average’ of the 5 people you spend the most time with, it could be time to rethink who you have in your close circles. 

Learn How To Listen To Your Intuition 

Listening to your intuition is essential in any journey to self-confidence. How can you improve confidence if you don’t trust yourself? Unfortunately, we are often taught to stop listening to our intuition at a young age. With that in mind, how can you begin to trust it again? Pay attention to when the voice in your head is loud, and when it is quiet. Loud often means ego-based and anxiety, while a quiet voice often means intuition. Some even say that the foods you eat can play a part, as well as how much time you spend in nature and in the flow state. It would be wise to consider all of these things when you want to get back in touch with your intuition. 


Meditation is good for a number of reasons. It can help you:

  • get in touch with your intuition and your inner knowing.
  • help you to feel much calmer and happier.
  • It can even improve creativity

Overall, it’ll have a profound effect on your mood, focus, and how confident you feel. If you can get into a meditation practice each day by making it a part of your morning routine (before you have a chance to make excuses), it’ll make a massive difference to your results. 

Improve Confidence Through Coping Tools 

Having effective coping tools for when you are under stress will improve confidence as you’ll know whatever happens, you won’t crack under pressure. A coping tool can simply be deep breathing exercises, or knowing when to step back when a task begins feeling too tough to handle. Talking therapy is also a wonderful tool, but ultimately, you need to do what works for you. Knowing your triggers could actually mean reducing the amount of stress you feel altogether, which can in turn help to increase your confidence. 

Work On Changing Your Limiting Beliefs 

Changing your limiting beliefs can be hard to do alone, so you may need to visit a therapist. However, it’s not impossible to do, it’ll simply take a lot of self reflection and work. The beliefs many of us hold have been with us the majority of our lives, and it’s not our fault that we have them. That being said, once we know they are there, it is our job to work on them. 

When you improve confidence, you will start to become the very best version of yourself – where are you going to start? 


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