Guide to RV Travelling and Its Advantages

RV travelling has now been a part of every American life. Americans have been capturing the RV imagination like never before. The open roads and the freedom of travel and exploring national wealth all have made it one of the best modes of travel. 

In this article, we will discuss the advantages of traveling with an RV and also some tips to make your travel more easier and comfortable. 

Advantages of traveling with an RV

These are the advantages of traveling with an RV. 

1. Traveling with an RV is cheaper

Most RVers are attracted to this advantage. If you are traveling with an RV you can save a lot of money. You won’t spend money to stay in the hotels as you can sleep in your RV. There is no need to spend money on restaurants as you can prepare your own food. 

But the thing you need to keep in mind is you need to pay some money for gas, RV parks, and for the RV if you are renting one. 

2. Flexible to travel anywhere

If you want to travel flexibly with complete freedom then the best possible way to do that is by RVing only. If you are traveling with an RV you have complete freedom on where to travel, when to return. You can have complete flexibility in changing the directions and changing the schedules at any time. 

Also with RV traveling, you can stay anywhere you want. If you chose to stay in an RV park for an extended period then the rates will also be decreased as you are staying for an extended period. So it also saves money which we have previously mentioned. 

3. Can carry everything you want

This is one of the major advantages of traveling with an RV. If you are using other modes of transportation then for sure you have to limit your necessities as you cannot take everything with you. 

But if you are traveling in an RV there is no need to limit your necessities as you can carry anything and everything you want. Also if you have a pet and you cannot leave your pet alone, you can bring your pet with you. 

But one thing you must know is that every RV comes with its own cargo carrying capacity. The cargo-carrying capacity is the weight of the people and the weight of the total stuff present in the RV. 

So make sure that you haven’t reached the limit. If you cross that limit then it will be a hazard for you. Exceeding the cargo capacity of your RV can cause strain on brakes, axles, and tires which may further result in accidents. 

4. You can connect with nature

If you are a nature lover then traveling with an RV is the best option. This is because if you see super scenery then you can stop there and enjoy the beautiful nature. You can watch the scenery until you change your mind. 

Also, it will be very lovely to sleep with nature by hearing the sounds of hooting owls, crickets, and many other animals and insects around you. It will give you an adventurous feeling. All these small things will turn into beautiful memories. 

If you find your RV park is full or busy, you can try boondocking. However, you need to make sure that you are ready for dry camping as it’s a little bit different than camping in a campground. 

The most important thing is to have enough food and electricity. That’s why it’s important to choose an RV battery suitable for boondocking

After this, what you need to do is just get permission to park your RV at a preferred location.

That’s all. But you need to follow all the rules and regulations. Also, you need to leave the site as it is without any damages. 

5. RV Travelling Connects you with your family members

Traveling with an RV is one of the most ideal ways to spend some time with your family. It is perfect for small families. Your children will have a lot of fun in the campgrounds. 

Traveling with an RV will also give you some additional benefits like bringing your pets with you. But before going for a long trip you need to try some short trips. Afterward, you can try the long trips. 

6. Great way to maintain social distance

During these pandemic situations, one of the best ways to get rid of the Coronavirus is to maintain social distance. If you are traveling with an RV then you will be safe as you can practice social distancing. 

In public transport, there is no scope for social distancing. You need to share your seats with strangers. But in an RV you will be travel only with your friends or family members within your bubble. So you will be safe. Also, your RV comes with a toilet so there is no need to go to public toilets. 

One thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to clean your RV for yourself. Also, you need to use the right disinfectant to sanitize your RV. 

Some people feel that sanitizing their RV is a yucky job. But they need to know that it is their responsibility to keep everyone safe from any sorts of diseases, especially the global pandemic Covid-19

These are the main advantages of traveling with an RV. Now let’s discuss the things you don’t know about RV traveling.

Things you don’t know about RV travelling:

These are the things you don’t know about traveling in an RV. Traveling in an RV depends on person to person and family to family. 

1. RV travelling can be super luxurious or basic

Most people think that if a person is traveling in an RV then they are leading a super luxury or a lavish lifestyle. But the thing you need to know is that it depends on the budget of the family or the mindset of the person. 

If you use your grandparent’s old RVs then you will be leading a minimalist lifestyle. Also, you will wonder that there are many types of RVs with different models available. If you are on a budget you can simply choose a minimalist RV that comes with less space. 

So you need to adjust there. But if you have a heavy budget you can go for different types of models available and choose the one that comes with a large space. So for some people, it is really basic and for some people, it will be a super luxury. 

2. You can’t be lazy when you are living in an RV

If you chose to live in an RV then you must know that you need to do your things. Being a slob in an RV won’t work for anyone. If you have any trouble with your RV air conditioner then you need to remove it and check for any faults before calling for service. 

Also, you need to clean your RV yourself. You need to cook your food. You need to dispose of the sewage water daily. You need to clean the tanks regularly. So you need to do your stuff in an RV. 

3. Not all RV parks are amazing

You need to keep this point in mind. Not all RV parks will be gorgeous. Some of them are amazing while some others are not. All the RV parks are not created equally. Some RV parks offer swimming pools and cafes while others do not. 

Some campsites offer you great scenery while some others do not. So you always need to keep in mind that all the RV parks and campsites will not be the same. 

4. RV parks and campgrounds aren’t the only way to camp

Some people think that they will stay only in RV parks and campgrounds. But the best part of RV life is boondocking. Boondocking means RV camping without all the hookups. It is a great way to experience the wilderness. Just you, your family, your RV, and the night sky filled with the stars. This will be an amazing experience. If you haven’t tried boondocking yet try now and you won’t leave it again. 

5. Carrying your pets will not always be an easy task

If you are travelling in an RV you can have the chance to carry your pets with you. It seems easy but when it comes to practice it won’t because it will be a little challenging. Sometimes your pets won’t like to travel at all. 

So first you need to road test your pets and make sure they enjoy the trip. If they enjoy it then all are happy. If they won’t then you need to leave them because they’ll feel stressed. Also if you are carrying a dog then you need to give him or her great training so that they won’t eat the carpets when you are not in the RV, etc. 

So carrying your pets in your RV is not always an easy task. 

6. RV Travelling life requires a leap of faith

Most people say that there are hundreds of reasons not to travel by RV. The reasons will be their debts, their commitments, comfort, and many other things. But if you ask a full-time RVer they will say that if you want to start then start it immediately without any delays. 

Also, they will tell you that there is no perfect time to start. Just you need to do it. RV travel requires faith in yourself. Simply believe in yourself and start with your RV. That’s it. 

Tips for better RV Travelling (for beginners)

  • Decide whether to buy or rent
  • Know your RV 
  • Take a test drive because driving will not be the same as driving other vehicles
  • Always keep the toolkit in your RV
  • Pack sufficient cookwares
  • Download camping apps 
  • Get into your campground before it is dark

How to plan a successful RV trip

  • First, pick the right sized RV
  • Think about electricity
  • Think about internet
  • Find places to camp
  • Take regular breaks
  • Always pre-reserve the campgrounds
  • If you can’t get a campground then try boondocking
  • Prepare a checklist of what to carry

That’s our short guide about travelling with an RV. Let us know if you have any questions. 

Asen Qvorov

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