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10 Solid Habits To Build Now For 2020

Good habits will help you live life. Great habits will allow you to thrive in life. While I’m still struggling with developing the habits I want, I’m happy about the habits that I do have. They have helped me immensely and continue to reward me the further I use them. Habits at their core form…
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How To Talk Positively To Yourself

“You need to talk positively to yourself.” This advice was one of the many suggestions that my mindset coach gave me in the first meeting we had. He didn’t tell me that directly but definitely suggested it through affirmations. Not to mention emphasizing the skills I’m good at. That I know I’m good at. It’s…
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14 Apps To Help Achieve Goals

Need help to achieve goals? Well, there is an app for that. In fact, there are several apps. Over the years that apps have been in the world, there has been a swarm of apps. Some apps have been less than useful of course. But in the age where so many of us want to…
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8 Strategies To Staying Focused

Staying focused is one of the most valuable skills that we can have. Problem is the fact that we can be so easily distracted or have other mental barriers prohibiting us from becoming focused and staying focused. I can definitely speak from experience on that front as I’ve had times where I procrastinate. Not to…
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17 Strategies To Avoid Burn Out

One of the many complications we have to deal with is burn out. In the entrepreneurial world, there has been this push to get the most out of our work. From maximizing our time to using all kind of productivity hacks and more. But one thing that so many productivity hacks and strategies miss out…
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10 Tips On Approaching & Dealing With Negative People

One of the largest sources of negative energy is from negative people. It’s one of the most prominent aspects of millions of people. Because of this, I’m sure that you’ve had several of these types of people in your life, whether they are a friend or a coworker.  While the go-to advice in these instances…
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5 Big Misconceptions Of Success

Success is defined as accomplishing a goal or a purpose. It can also be defined as achieving popularity, fame, and fortune. But while the definition of success is clearly outlined, it’s not always that simple. All the proof you need is to look at some of the mental struggles entrepreneurs face. Over the years, it…
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Eight Powerful Methods To Boost Self-Discipline

One of the biggest things I’ve learned from being an entrepreneur is learning how to have self-discipline.  Of course, I still have my issues.  I still have my slumps and sometimes take way too many breaks. But overall, I’d consider myself more disciplined than when I first started my business. The thing with self-discipline though…
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How To Make The Best Vision Board That’ll Help You Succeed

Ah, the topic of a vision board. If this is your first time getting into self-improvement, chances are likely this is the first thing you’ve heard. Or maybe not. Whatever the case is, vision boards are an interesting tool but are also pretty notorious. Why exactly? Well, part of it is that people are pretty…
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How To Handle Failure Like A Champ

I have some bad news and some good news: no matter what, you will have to handle failure. Yes, you will fail. A lot. But the good news is there are plenty of ways to grow from that experience. For sure you can have a persistent mindset. You can get into the mentality to never…
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