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4 Benefits Of Upskilling Employees

Upskilling is a neologism used to describe a fairly basic principle: increasing the skill set of the employees within an organization. If you are a boss or business owner, then here are four benefits that upskilling your existing staff members can provide to your company. #1 – Reduced Employee Turnover  If employees are offered the…
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A Business Owners Guide To Minimizing Legal Risks

When you own a small business, the last thing you want is someone to build a legal case against you. This not only puts a big dent in your finances but also can damage your reputation, whether you are at fault or not. Sadly, both of these things can and do happen if you find…
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Know Your Own True Value To Make Money

So many of us third-guess ourselves. It’s good to question your actions and just once more after that to be extra sure, but so many of us keep questioning our abilities beyond this. Doubts set in and we start to think that other people around us are more talented, better at doing things that employers…
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3 Ways To Help You Through Terrible Times

Life can throw you curveballs at times. One minute you are up, then next you are down. But getting back up again can be hard. Your motivation can be easily ground down by circumstance, and when things go wrong, they can leave you feeling unmotivated and depressed.  But life goes wrong for everyone at times,…
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Job Block: What’s In The Way Of Your Career?

Building a strong and successful career isn’t a simple task. Some people work at this sort of effort for many years, only to find themselves failing to progress, and there can be a host of different things which lead to these results. You could be doing everything right, with something small in the background hindering…
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Finding Your Dream Job

Finding your dream job may seem more complicated than you imagined, especially if you have a specific field that you work in, or have a particular specialty. Sometimes we will have spent years researching and attending classes to gain a qualification that we need for our perfect. And when it comes to actually searching for…
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How To Handle The Rougher Patches Of A Relationship

It’s not exactly a world exclusive to state that being in love is one of the greatest feelings a person can have. It’s especially impactful when that person we adore shares the exact same feelings for us. Just knowing that there’s someone out there that is completely smitten by you, and vice versa, makes every…
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Classics Never Die

Some styles never go out of fashion. We do live in a world that is littered with fast fashion stores. And the clothing and accessories change almost daily. Things that are so cheaply made, and cheap to buy that people throw them away without a care in the world. But when it comes to having…
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4 Of The Most Dangerous Jobs On Earth

While there are countless job choices and careers available, some of us don’t like to settle for the ordinary. In fact, some career choices are ridiculously dangerous. Today we are going to take a look at just a few of the most dangerous job choices out there. We should also take a moment to appreciate…
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Employer’s Issues – Excel

Excel consultants can help your SME to perform more productively and efficiently. Used effectively, Excel can analyse your business data, presenting it more clearly and quickly, and thus allowing more informed decision-making. It can automate repetitive tasks so business leaders, owners, and managers can spend time doing more valuable things. It can extract more useful…
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